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Best 2.1 Computer Speakers under $200

A lot of people like you and me spend 1000’s and 1000’s of Dollars in building the best configuration computer…

...however we do forget the important aspect of owning a computer and that is:

Consuming Media.

We use it to watch movies, listen music, play games and do so many things.

However the one important factor we overlook is computer speakers.

Therefore I’m going to reveal 10 important and best computer speakers under $200 that are going to be totally value for money and offer excellent sound quality.

Most of the time, we spend lot of money on building a desktop computer with the highest configuration as possible under our budget.

Later on with little money that is left… we either try to adjust a headphone or computer speakers…

…and for the amount that is left we can only afford an average; if not cheap computer speaker, don’t we?

The truth being, investing in a cheap or average computer speaker is not worth at all… because they tend to offer boomy or tinny sound.

If you seriously want to invest in a good computer speaker, then you’ve definitely landed into the right place.

Here I’ll show you the Top 10 Best Computer Speakers under $200 that are not only going to look fabulous on your desktop, but also offer incredible bang to your buck.

If you’re ready; shall we jump straight into the list?

Let’s start!

#10: Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II

If you ask me, then I’d say Creative Gigaworks T40 SII is an amazing proposal.

It’s kind of a big speaker set… but it doesn’t ask for a lot of space and doesn’t cost much to own as well.

On first look they definitely feel big having height of 12.3 inches, depth of 5.6 inches, but where Creative does the real magic is with the width department.

Each satellite speaker is only 3.5 inches wide, which makes them very convenient to place next to your PC monitor and enjoy best audio performance.

Crative Gigaworks T40 Series II - Top computer speakers 2016

From the images it is apparent that it comes with two tall satellite speakers and no external sub-woofer whatsoever.

However just like its older sibling the Gigaworks T20 SII, the T40 SII has this special audio technology which they call as BasXPort that enhances the low frequency response without the bulkiness of a subwoofer.

This basically means, you won’t able to perceive a deep thumping bass that 2.1 computer speakers with sub-woofer offers, however your music won’t be completely void of it; as the T40 SII happens to have BasXPort at the top of each satellite that enhances low frequency sounds.

Inside the package you get the speakers themselves along with aux-to-aux cable, Dual RCA-to-stereo audio TV adapter, Power supply brick and couple of multi-lingual info and startup guide.

Creative T40 SII - Best Multimedia Speakers under 200

At first look, the T40 SII doesn’t seems to be a bad design either, however you might not completely fall in love with it due to its different that regular design.

Each satellite speaker has a tweeter in the center and two mid-range woven glass fiber cone drivers above and below it. To know more about it check out the full review by clicking here.

The right satellite also has quick knobs for treble, bass and volume control. The volume knob also functions as ON/OFF switch as well.

You also get a headphone jack and aux-in port on front as well allowing you to listen music either via your headphones or connect your smartphone to these speakers and enjoy music via them.

“All in all, the Creative Gigaworks T40 SII is an excellent set of satellite speakers that definitely saves desk space but also offers wonderful audio quality at valuable price.”


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#9: Altec Lansing VS4621

Altec Lansing is a very popular name when it comes to building the best computer speakers and they have held a name for themselves in this department for quite a long time.

Not only do they build the best 2.1 speaker system, they also manage to make it stylish that would turn anyone’s head around.

Altec Lansing VS4621 - Best Inexpensive and Affordable Computer Speakers under $100

I remember the time, when I was a child and went crazy over the Altec Lansing BXR1221, since it was one of the stylish and best looking computer speakers available back then.

Similar thing is done with the Altec Lansing VS4621, which comes with two long horn-like standing satellites and a subwoofer that contains 6.5 inch of bass driver that is thunderous enough to shake your whole room at full volume.

Altec Lansing VS4621 - best small desktop speakers for the money

To be honest, I have seen the from best budget computer speakers to a range of expensive desktop speakers, and in it we’ve seen few sub-woofer with down firing driver, however with the Altec Lansing VS4621, you get down firing mid-range drivers in the satellites.

The speaker system contains a total of 7 drivers and this is truly a unique technological advancement in this best cheap computer speaker that has a profound effect on the overall sound quality and music listening.

Altec Lansing VS4621 - best budget gaming speakers

To keep things simple, the satellite speakers also have three control knobs for Volume, Bass and Treble, and an AUX in port to connect your headphones to the speaker.

Moreover if you notice distortion and digital noise, you can use a DAC/amplifier to eliminate it.

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Costing under $100, these are specifically the best computer speakers under $100 that you can buy right now as a 2.1 speaker system.

With around 3000 reviews and a 4.2 customer rating, the Altec Lansing VS4621 are no doubt a looker and a great performer as well.

Due to its design and performance, it makes up for a best gaming desktop speakers that also is good for listening music, watching movies and TV shows on your computer.

"To be honest, it’s hard finding the best cheap computer speakers that sound clear, crisp and open like the Altec Lansing VS4621, moreover it’s design would make you want to invite your friends over and show it to them."


#8: Logitech Z623

Logitech Z623 happen to be the Best cheap computer speakers in our list of Best Computer Speakers under $200, however that isn’t how I’d want to put up with them; as they pack in some serious punch.

Logitech Z623 - Best Computer Speakers under $200

Putting to shame all 2.1 channel speakers under the $100 range, Logitech Z623 themselves are priced close to $100 and are touted as Best Gaming Speakers under budget.

To my shock, the satellite speakers; that come with this 2.1 channel speaker set are fairly huge compared to regular satellite speakers. Hence expect big sound from them.

These satellite speakers hold a large 2.5 inch drivers inside each of them.

Left satellite speakers is clean with no controls or knobs, while the right speaker is active and hosts indicator light, bass knob, volume knob, a 3.5mm jack to connect your headphones to the speakers and another 3.5mm jack that allows you to play music via Mobile, iPod or other music source.

Logitech Z623 Satellites - Best Computer Speakers under $200

Before we talk more about the speaker itself, let me just inform you about what’s in the box.

The box happens to be very big in size and bulky.

Inside we have a gigantic looking subwoofer; that measures 11 inches in height; as well as in length and 9.5 inches of depth.

Hence you might want to give it a second if you’re planning to place this subwoofer on your desktop table.

Next we have the two satellites speakers, and as we mentioned earlier; they’re big too.

The satellites measure at 7.8 inches tall and 5.4 inches wide, however one thing that kept me amazed is the connector wire its right satellite speaker comes with.

It comes with a thick cord that has a D-Sub connector, a kind of connector that we usually see in Monitor displays, which goes into the subwoofer.

For the price it sits at, Logitech Z623 happen to be THX certified which means the speakers sound the same way; the music artist or composer intended the music to sound like.

Logitech Z623 Speaker System- Best Desktop Speakers under $200

THX certified speakers also happen to provide excellent audio reception while watching movies; by providing deeper vibrations and highly textured sound. Due to this; many gamers proclaim Logitech Z623 as best gaming speakers under $200.

Being the cheapest contender in our list of best computer speakers under $200, they manage to throw out 200 Watts of Total Sound Output.

If you’re tight on budget, and need a speaker that does its job in an excellent way, then Logitech Z623 are a favorable example of it.

“With 7 inches of subwoofer driver and 2.5 inches of satellite drivers, the Z623 from Logitech are a prime example of intense sounding computer speaker set that have marvelous sound quality. Try it to understand it!”

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#7: Logitech Z553

Logitech Z553 has a unique looking design that you might have not seen in any other computer speakers till now. I bet!

Logitech Z553 are not only unique looking but also one of  the best 2.1 computer speaker system under $200.

Logitech Z553 - Best Computer Speakers under $200

Its satellite speaker looks like gun heads about to fire bullets, whereas the subwoofer has a unique design with cylindrical shape; whose assembly is comparable to Apple’s MAC Pro line of desktop computer.

Before we talk anything, I’d recommend watching the video below to get hang about the size of this entire speaker system as looks can be deceiving.

For the price, the box is nothing much to talk about… however it does comes with heavy padding to keep speakers safe inside.

The package contains 2x Satellite speakers having its back and wires accented in orange, giving it a modern and funky look.

Logitech Z553 - Best Speakers under 200

Moreover we have a rather large upward firing subwoofer that has smaller footprint compared to regular subwoofer we’re used to.

To control volume and bass on the go, there’s also a Control pod just like we’re used to seeing on Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 or the Bose Companion 3 Series II multimedia speakers.

Coming to built quality, both the satellite speakers as well as the subwoofer are constructed with supremacy using high quality plastic...

...while the stands are made up of metal with coned rubber feet; giving them that sturdy feel. Presence of rubber feets helps in reducing vibrations.

Logitech Z553 - Best 2.1 Computer Speakers under 200

Coming to technical specifications, these dual satellites produces sound output of 10W each; whereas the subwoofer offers output of 20W, taking the total watts to 40W that is loud enough to fill an entire room.

Logitech has designed to make these speakers work not only with Computer, but also with your Television set too hence why you’ll see RCA inputs on these one.

At a time, the Logitech Z553 can be connected to 3 different devices via the 2x 3.5mm jack and RCA inputs.

“To say the least, if you’re looking for the Best 2.1 Channel Computer Speakers under $200 that offer pristine sound quality, support for multiple connections and looks to die for, I recommend you shouldn’t look anywhere else.”

#6: Edifier R1700BT

With user ratings of 4.7/5, you really can’t argue with the fact that Edifier R1700BT happen to be the best 2.0 speakers for computer under $200.

Edifier R1700BT are basically a set of Bookshelf speakers with an easy-to-use and simplified functional design that anybody can get started with.

The standout feature for these speaker set is its Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to wirelessly connect it with your smartphone, PC or Mac without the complexity of wires.

Edifier R1700BT - best 2.0 desktop speakers

Edifier R1700BT are an active powered Bookshelf speakers that have a slight 10-degree backward tilt at the front that makes them ideal of near-field listening.

Build out of high quality MDF wooden housing and walnut finishing, you really can't quarrel about its build quality and looks as well.

Each speaker cabinet comes embedded with a 4 inches Bass driver in conjunction with a 19mm silk dome tweeter that makes sure you enjoy your music with full spectrum without compression of any frequencies and puts of Total Power Output of 66W.

Each speaker cabinet is 10 inches high, 6.1 inches wide, and 8.3 inches deep and weighs at 6.6 pounds as a complete set.

Edifier R1700BT - good computer speakers under 200

It’s package contains the speaker set themselves along with dual RCA to dual RCA cable, a dual RCA to stereo cable, a 3.5mm stereo cable, user manual and wireless remote controls that manages basic controls like Mute, Volume Up/Down and Bluetooth connectivity.

At the right side of right-speaker you get three knobs for Treble control, Bass control and Volume control each.

Talking about its sound, then mid-range is where Edifier R1700BT shines a lot. Due to its combination of 2 inches of tweeter and 4 inches of bass driver, you are able to clearly hear mid-tones in a rich manner… however at times I felt the bass to be a little boomy for my liking. [Check out full review]

“For the price they sit at, I believe Edifier R1700BT is an admirable best desktop speaker under $200 that you can buy right now. Just make sure you happen to have plenty of space around to accommodate them.”


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#5: Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse

For this position in our list of Best Desktop Speakers under $200; I was confused between different options like Mackie CR4, Yamaha NX-B55 and Grace Digital P201 that happen to be best bookshelf speakers under $200.

Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse - Best Computer Speakers under $200

However I decided to go a little quirkier and choose the Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse out of the other; as I myself love eccentric design that breaks traditional computer speaker design.

No matter who you are or what you do, you’ll be attracted to its out of the world design. I don’t know how to quote it, but Digital Trends says, “Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse Bluetooth Speakers look like they came straight off a spaceship.”

This isn’t new for the company, as Edifier has been known for manufacturing offbeat looking desktop speakers like: Prisma, Prisma Encore and Spinnaker.

Moreover I’d do like to mention that e25 comes with Bluetooth capability and allows you to wirelessly connect your laptop, MP3 player or Mobile to the speaker via Bluetooth, and that is where wireless jargon ends, as you do have power cord and speaker connecting cable.

Inside the box you get the Luna Eclipse speakers along with a handy remote control that has power and volume rocker buttons, along with that you get Power Brick, Aux cable, cable to connect these two cable, optical cable, RCA cable and a micro fiber cleaning cloth.

By looking at the pictures you may think that these are portable computer speakers, but trust me they’re not. They’re heavy and will take a considerable amount of space on your desktop,

Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse - Best Desktop Speakers under $200

Being the best Bluetooth speakers under 200 dollars, we have a 19mm silk dome tweeter and 3 inch bass driver at front, while the back hosts two passive radiators of 2 inches and 3 inches facing each other in each speaker cabinet.

With so much going on inside the speaker cabinet, you’re bound to get superior sound quality experience at the outside and that is what the Edifier e25 Lunar Eclipse delivers.

They manage to produce some magnificent deep lows and happen to remain tight around the mids.

For best sound experience from them, I’d recommend to keep these speakers at least 8-10 inches away from any wall, and plenty of space for them to breathe, otherwise you may end up with the speakers sounding boomy rather than exemplary.

There’s also capacitive buttons on the speakers for power, volume up and volume down.

Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse - Best 2.1 Computer Speakers under $200

You also get option to connect your smartphone to these speakers via an auxiliary cable.

One complain that I do have with these speakers is that since they have a small base on which the speakers stand, the speakers tends to wobble when you’re using the capacitive buttons or plugging aux cable.

“All in all, Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse not only has good sound but also an eccentric design that is bound to make your guests droll over them and go gaga over it. If you love such kind of attention and more importantly love speakers that deliver; then Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse is your best bet.”

#4: Harman Kardon Soundstick III

If you want a best 2.1 computer speaker set that can perform well and act as a style statement or showpiece when not in use, then Harman Kardon Soundsticks III are an extremely viable option.

Harman Kardon Soundsticks III - Best 2.1 computer speakers under 200

Launched way back in 2010, the Soundsticks III design still seems to look fresh and doesn’t happen to age at all.

One important thing to note here is, the Harman Kardon Soundsticks III was designed by Apple’s prime designer Jonathan Ive, the guy who designed Apple’s first series of colored iMac and the legendary iPhones.

Hence why the speaker’s design look totally different from other set of speakers we’re used to seeing everyday without trying to be an outcast.

With translucent design and use of fibre plastic; instead of regularly used wood cabinet gives it a different look and one hell of a charmer making them good speakers for computer.

Harman Kardon Soundsticks III - Best computer speakers under 200

Owning to the name, its satellites looks just like a stick that houses 4x 1-inch transducer stacked one over another; that is powered by a 10 watt amplifier on each satellite.

Unlike other subwoofer, subwoofer on Harman Kardon Soundsticks III has a dome like circular design that kinda feels a UFO landed on your desktop.

It has a down firing subwoofer with a 6 inches driver embedded into it; the driver is powered by 20 watt amplifier and helps in offering deeper bass and outstanding performance. This makes them the best desktop speakers under 200 dollars.

Moreover the satellite speakers have touch control buttons for volume, mute and adjusting bass. The colors of these buttons blend with the design and can be hard to locate during initial use due to its translucent design.

Best thing about Harman Kardon Soundsticks III is that the satellites can be angled in any direction that you want.

Usually satellite speaker have a fixed upward angle, assuming that you’ll place satellite speakers next to your monitor.

Harman Kardon Soundsticks III - Best Desktop Speakers for Music

This design however loses it importance if you happen to place your speakers above your head just the way I do.

Keeping this in mind, the company designed the base of satellites in such a way that it can be angled in any direction you want.

Sound wise the Harman Kardon Soundsticks III happen to be excellent; without a bit of exaggeration.

The down firing subwoofer happens to provide deep bass with marvelous performance.

The sound output is loud enough to fill an entire room and even at loud volume, your music doesn’t seem to distort and the sound remains as tight as possible.

“Though being a pretty looking speaker, the company has put similar efforts to make its sound align with the design and hence they’re nothing short of pure excellence. Like I said in start, if you want a desktop speaker set that can act as a style statement or showpiece with extreme performance, then this is it.”

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#3: Definitive Technology Incline

Minimalistic design is what defines Definitive Technology Incline speakers, as they come in a 2.0 speaker configuration with overall clean black design on the front supported by metal bases.

Definitive Technology Incline - Best bookshelf speakers under 200

Just like the name, these best desktop computer speakers for music are inclined by 9.5 degree angle and the company claims that it points right onto the listeners ears.

Though the design is minimal, same cannot be said about its weight, as these beautiful looking black brick speakers weigh at 5 kilograms as whole.

If you haven’t heard about Definitive Technology brand earlier, then trust my words and believe that you’re investing money in a good brand as the company has multiple years of experience in manufacturing premium and audiophile grade home audio speakers.

Definitive technology has now moved into manufacturing budget friendly audio devices like soundbars, portable speakers, and desktop speakers and so on. Definitive Technology Incline is one of the new inclinations of speakers that the company is moving to.

Definitive Technology Incline - Best desktop speakers under 200

When going minimalistic, there’s always a thin line between the design looking bland or extremely excellent and Definitive Technology (commonly referred to as Def Tech) got that line right.

Inside the box you get the speaker itself along with power cable, USB cable and Aux cable neatly tucked inside giving you a premium unboxing feel.

Design wise they look very neat and can easily sit on either side of your monitor without making a fuss.

At the front we have fabric covering that extends towards the backside of the speaker and just covers a small portion of the top.

Bottom right of the speaker holds Def Tech logo along with indicator light, and the metal base on which the speaker stand has the company name written on it.

The metal plates are heavy and allow the speakers to not wobble at all due to slight unintended push or vibrations.

At the right side of the right speaker we have just two buttons, one for volume control and other for power button just underneath it.

Definitive Technology Incline - Best 2.0 speakers

You don’t get any kind of remote control or control pod like you get in Bose Companion 5 Multimedia Speakers. However that isn’t a problem though and helps retain the minimalistic design.

When launched they were priced at $400, however now they come just under $200 and happen to make an incredible purchase when listening to diversified genre of music.

“With warm sound and immensely pleasing design, Definitive Technology Incline is one of those computer speakers that happen to be a superb purchase for your money. If you want something that sounds beyond belief and would make your friends jealous, this desktop speaker is the one to go with.”

#2: Polk Audio Hampden AM6510-A

Polk Audio is a name that is synonymous with retro styled premium design and supreme sound quality.

However for their latest iteration of audio devices, Polk Audio has ditched its dark colored design with new pompous and bright colors along with a touch of retro style.

You can see the influence of this new design on Polk Audio Hampden along with headphones like Polk Audio Buckle, Hinge, Melee and Striker.

Coming to the computer speakers themselves, I must say they’re the most premium looking best computer speakers under $200.

Polk Audio Hampden AM6510-A have dimension of (LxWxH): 5.7 inches x 5.6 inches x 11.6 inches and weigh at about 13.7 pounds.

Though equipped with modern electronics, the speakers comes with a retro wooden design that we’re used to seeing on older 1980’s speakers.

Even the volume dial is analog; giving it retro feel that we’re not used to seeing in this digital age.

Polk Audio Hampden - Best Speakers under 200

At front you have 4.5 inches bass drivers along with 1 inch silk dome tweeter that are capable of producing precise sound even at high volumes. Polk Audio Hampden throws a total output of 80W that is more than you can ever ask for.

Oh! I even forgot to mention, they’re Wireless speakers with Bluetooth Capabilities; however that doesn’t eliminates wires completely as you’ll need to connect the two speakers via cables and also power it via the power cord.

One great feature the company has added into these Bluetooth speakers is… via the official Polk Mobile App, you can connect upto 4 smartphones simultaneously with these speakers and play via audio via all of them. Sounds cool during a house party, isn’t it?

“To be true; a lot computer speakers that we have today are just a bulk of 2 satellites and one subwoofer with plain ol’ industrial black design. If you’re craving for excellence with such a leisure design that also acts as style statement, then there’s no why you shouldn’t be choosing the Polk Audio Hampden AM6510-A over anything else.”

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If you’re looking for the Best Speaker System under $200, I think you shouldn’t be looking anywhere else other than these 10 speakers mentioned in this list.

They’ve got the right balance between style, music and price.

Considering different needs and situations I’ve listed the Best Speakers under 200 Dollars that are definitely worth a mention.

If you already own any of these, do let me know their performance and your thoughts on them in the comments section.

If you have any questions regarding them and want quick answers… one thing you can do is leave a message in the comments section. You’ll get the feedback within 24-hours.

Liked what you read? Then why not consider sharing it on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and let your friends know what you’ve been reading all these while.

Who know they might be looking for Speakers under $200, and would thank you later.

Hope you enjoyed what you read.


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