Best Earbuds under $100: 8 Best Headphones Under 100 in 2018

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Best Headphones under 100 dollars : $100 is the ideal amount for which you can get an excellently priced earbuds that not only doesn’t breaks the bank, but also offers exquisite sound quality.

Well if you’re in search for the best earbuds under $100; then you’ve definitely landed on the right place at the right time.

Since it’s the holiday season (at the time of writing), and we’re constantly searching for different products to gift our loved ones...

...then why not gift them the best sounding earbuds under $100, don’t you think the same.

So just under $100, the smile you’re going to see on their face will doubtless be priceless.

Even if you haven’t planned on gifting someone earbuds and just want it for yourself, we have a huge list of Top 8 Best Earbuds under $100.

So this way you have plenty of options, coming off from different brands; with different design and looks all at an affordable price for just $100.

Well! To say technically, the best part of about choosing earbuds in this price range is...

  • You undeniably get a good sounding earbuds. (If you know what you’re looking for and search in the right direction)
  • Built quality doesn’t happens to be a problem at this price point... as most of them have metal housing or A grade plastic material along high strength braided, Kevlar or high density plastic material in cables
  • Tons of accessories are already included... so you don’t have to go shopping for extra eartips or carry pouch.
  • You get plethora of variety too... from Wired Earbuds to Wireless, Sports and Exercise specific to the ones meant specifically for special kind of music genres like Jazz, Rock or most popular Hip Hop.
  • Features from the audio brand’s exclusive and premium earbuds are also included in the best earbuds under $100... enabling you to enjoy best of both worlds at the same time.

To be true of a fact, searching for best headphones under $100 is the best decision you’ve ever made, as you get a complete package for just steal of a price.

Gone are the old days, where to get a quality and feature filled audio equipment; you had to shell out so much money that made your wallet look like a hungry kid.

Just with your earbuds and smartphone, you can listen to the perfect harmonies at a way cheaper price compared to the old days.

Anyways without wasting additional time, I want you to take a look at the best Earbuds under $100 that are going to blow your mind, not make a hole in your pocket and give your ears a sweet surprise.

However before directly jumping onto the headphone list, I want to give you an overview of certain things you should consider; while going out guns blazing searching for the Best Sounding earbuds under $100.

So that if you’re out in the market to please your ears... I don’t want the marketing guy at the store trick you out into buying something not worth your hard earned money and incredibly cheap for the price you pay.

Ok! Are you ready?

Let’s start!

Here they are:

3 Things to Consider Before Buying Best Earbuds under $100

#1. Brand: Usually I don’t include this point when choosing headphones over $100, however when it comes to cheap but good earbuds under $100... the band is already filled with tons of cheap stakes that are sold are way too high price.

Usually most headphones in these range are made in some Chinese factories in bulk, rebranded and then sold on

Even the sellers selling these products on are so uncanny that they buy reviews gigs from people at Fiverr... that give them high rating and good reviews tricking the buyer into buying something not worth the price.

Most of them as we know have rubbish sound, poor built quality and damage our ears.

Hence make sure, the brand of earbuds you’re choosing has some reviews on the Internet, Youtube, has their own website... moreover if it has Wikipedia page of their own... then you can very well be rest assured.

#2. Type of Earbud: If you’re searching for the Best Earbuds under $100, you’ll find a lot variety meant for various purposes.

Some are just simple noise isolating in ear headphones, some are meant for gym use, some of them have ear hook design, and some of them are wireless Bluetooth headsets.

Hence before zeroing on anything, just make sure the type of in ear monitors you want to buy and then search accordingly.

I’ve seen a lot of people who are on searching spree on that get blinded by awesome star ratings and lavish video reviews that they forget what kind of earbud they actually wanted.

And when the earbud arrives at their price... they’re technically bombed by their own haziness and I don’t that you happen with you.

Before you do your search... on a paper write down the different things you want from your earbud and use then search accordingly.

#3. Inline Microphone: I personally don’t prefer earbuds with inline microphone as I do feel the weight of microphone making the left earplug slight heavier. Even the quality of such microphone is just average making the other person have hard time listening your voice.

So it doesn’t matter, if you buy the best Earbuds under $30 or Best Earbuds under $100... the inline microphone quality is generally the same.

However it definitely has great uses... you can control your music via buttons on the microphone, receive/end calls, change tracks and fast forward your music too.

Most people wouldn’t buy the Best of the Best Earbuds under $100 that I recommend them; if it doesn’t have inline microphone. That’s how important it is to some people, if you’re one of them... search with the inline microphone filter on.

Anyways... now that we’ve talked about the things to consider when choosing best sounding in ear monitors, let me now show you my handpicked list of Best Earbuds $100.

Shall I?


“Our List of Top 8 Best Earbuds under $100, features some of the best audio products in the said price range. We do not want to alter your buying decision by posting earbuds from popular brand but with below average sound quality.

Most of the brands you’ll see in this list aren’t popular and not much heard of, but they offer magnificent sound quality at a break even price.

Hence you can be rest assured that if you buy any earbud from our list of Best Earbuds under $100, all you’re going to get is the best bang for your buck.

Since the earbuds are arranged according to its performance, the deeper you go... the better performing product you’ll find.”

Top 8 Best Earbuds under $100

Product ImageProduct NameMic Present 
Shure SE215-K - Best Earbuds under $100Shure SE215-KNoCheck Price
mixcder anc-g5 - best noise cancelling earbuds under $100Mixcder ANC-G5YesCheck Price
Bose SoundTrueYesCheck Price
Brainwavz S3YesCheck Price
Trinity Delta - Best Sounding Earbuds under $100Trinity DeltaNoCheck Price
Fiio EX1 - best sounding earbuds under 100Fiio EX1NoCheck Price
onkyo e700mb - best affordable earbuds under 100Onkyo E700MBYesCheck Price
SurpriseYesCheck Below

#8: Shure SE215-K

If you want the best earbuds under $100 that looks professional and has less tendency to fall out from your ears, then Shure SE215-K is definitely your best bet.

Shure SE215-K - Best Earbuds under $100

The one we’re talking about comes in two colors: White and Black, both in a clear case design...

...allowing you to see the innards of Shure SE215-K, and also giving it a premium look.

The design comes straight off Shure’s $1000 SE846-CL earbuds.

However if you want something unique and different, Shure also has a Special Edition of the SE215-K in luminescent Blue that looks extremely cool; and uber at the same time.

I personally love the Blue Edition; just need to remind you that it costs $30 more.

For the price, the company offers a Small Padded Carrying Pouch along with 3 pairs of Silicon eartips and 3 pairs of Foam eartips in Small, Medium and Large sizes.

Shure SE215-K Package contents - Best Earbuds under $100

...And that’s it.

The earbuds themselves look very cool... but the not kind that you go out and show off to your friends.

If you’re about to buy these... I hope you know that the earplugs only go behind your ears and you cannot wear them just like regular earbuds. Check out the complete details by checking the review of Shure SE215.

For some this might be a sort of issue; for people who wears spectacles all the time, but if you don’t want to compromise on excellent sound quality...

Shure SE215-K - Best Sounding Earbuds under $100 these a try isn’t much of a deal breaker. Also we’ve featured these earbuds in our guide about Best Headphones for Rock Music.

Specifications wise these have an impedance of 20 Ohms at frequency response of 22Hz-17.5kHz and it also provides noise isolation of 37dB.

“Just with the brand name, you can very well be s(h)ure that you’re getting out what you’re paying for from this best earbuds under $100.”

Best Headphones for DJing

#7: Mixcder ANC-G5

If you’re not aware of this newly popular brand called Mixcder, you can check out my article about Bluetooth Headphones under $50 where I’ve mentioned headphone from this brand.

Though being new, the brand has happened to carve a niche of its own when it comes to affordable audio products.

Before we get into the specifics, let me mention that the Mixcder ANC-G5 is an Active Noise Cancelling Earbud, and it’s the only ANC earbud in our list of best in-ear headphones under $100.


Priced under $100, it comes in a fairly decent (black colored) packaging and isn’t a deal breaker of sorts.

The box comes with User Manual, the noise canceling earbuds, USB charging cable (to charge the earbuds) and two extra (Medium, Large) eartips. The package also includes a rigid zipper carrying pouch as well.

Since it’s an Active Noise Cancelling Earbud, it comes with its noise canceling wizardry. The noise canceling circuit runs on battery and hence the box comes with USB cable to charge it.

Coming to its design, the Mixcder ANC-G5 comes with an extreme angled eartip and a Bowers and Wilkins C5 like design.

To be honest, there’s nothing fancy about its design; however, the construction is extremely solid and can stand few falls as well.

The offsetting factor is the bulky noise canceling circuit that also houses the inline microphone. It has a Call Receive/End button and Noise Cancelling On/Off switch below it.

Indicator lights at the bottom notify about Power and Mic.


Images may not do proper justice to Mixcder ANC-G5; however, it comes in grey color and not black as it may seem from the images.

Coming to its sound quality, it offers plenty of bass and hard hitting treble. Once you switch on Active Noise Cancelling feature, there’s a slight amplification in sound and reduction of outside frequencies. [Check Full Review]

“Mixcder ANC-G5 may not be the best Active Noise Cancelling Earbud under budget; however, it has set the ball rolling under $100. There’s nothing at fault in these budget earbuds and will be a great buddy during your travel escapades without the bulk.”

Best Headphones for DJing

#6: Bose SoundTrue In-Ear Headphones

Bose is a brand; that is synonym with premium and reliable audio products with superb sound quality.

Bose SoundTrue In Ear Headphones - Best Earbuds under $100

They’re definitely not like the Beats by Dr. Dre or Monster audio brands selling products at hyped price. Products coming from Bose, sit just at the right price and provide elegance of a premium brand.

It’s definitely a steal that if you can get a Bose product just under the $100 mark.

Here Bose has two version of the SoundTrue: one as an over the ear Headphones and the one that we’re currently talking about is the In-Ear version.

For starters, the Bose SoundTrue In Ear Headphones comes in various colors: Black, White, Cranberry, Ice Blue and Indigo.

Bose SoundTrue In Ear Headphones Colors - Best Earbuds under $100

Moreover there are three different versions of the Bose SoundTrue In Ear Headphones.

One without any mic, one with Mic but for Samsung Smartphones, and the last one with mic for iPhone that costs $30 more, allowing you to be spoiled for choices.

The earplugs have an angled design, allowing them to adjust according to the cavity of your ears, whereas the eartips have a wing-like design that holds with the curves in your ears...

...that happens to be best for urban use, making them hard to fallout.

Talking about the package contents of Bose SoundTrue In Ear Headphones, then we have the earbuds themselves along with a Shirt Clip and two extra and different sized pairs of eartips.

The company is also generous enough to provide a large rigid carrying pouch, that is similar in size and design to Men’s Wallet; with a Zippered design.

Bose SoundTrue In Ear Headphones - Best Sounding Earbuds under $100

Even the color of the case is personalized according to the color of your earbuds, which does get Bose some Brownie points there.

"I just can’t think of any person for whom the Bose SoundTrue are not suitable for. They’re perfect for any kind of gender, emerging from any age group. Since they’re so fine looking and come from a premium brand, it would make them the Best Earbuds under $100 for gifting purposes, what say?"

Best Headphones for DJing

#5: Brainwavz S3

If you look back to the older posts on this site, you’re bound to find atleast one product from Brainwavz in the list.

Brainwavz S3 - Best Earphones under $100

Brainwavz is that brand that technically offers significant sound quality from its audio products at dirt cheap price.

This is the reason why we’ve featured its immensely popular Brainwavz S3 in our list of best earbuds under $100.

To justify the price, Brainwavz S3 earplugs come in metal housing, whereas the inline microphone and 3.5mm connector jack have rubberized housing.

Cables on the Brainwavz S3 are flat and have a tangle free design altogether.

The inline microphone has three buttons, for Volume Up, Volume Down and End/Receive Call, whereas the 3.5mm connector jack has a gold plated design.

Brainwavz S3 - Best Sounding Earbuds under $100

Specifications wise, the Brainwavz S3 offers 8mm drivers sitting inside its Earplugs offering impedance of 16 Ohms all with a Frequency range of 16Hz – 22,000Hz.

Since the earplugs are larger compared to normal earplugs, the company claims that the S3 offers a wide soundstage with accurate sound reproduction.

The box in which it comes with is extremely premium; considering the asking price way less than $100.

The Package inside is filled with lots and lots of accessories, which isn’t a new thing if you’re aware about the accessories that Brainwavz throws in with its audio products.

Brainwavz S3 with iPhone - Best earbuds with mic under $100

Inside the box, you get:

  • Hard Shell Carrying Case
  • 6 sets of color coded Silicone Eartips in Small, Medium and Large Sizes
  • 1 pair of Comply Eartip
  • Shirt Clip
  • A Pair of Dual-flange and Triple-Flange Eartips
  • Velcro Cable Strap

It’s definitely a lot of accessories to put, making Brainwavz S3 a complete overall package.

"With a wide soundstage and excellently designed earplugs with tangle free design, Brainwavz S3 definitely deserve to be in our list of Best Earbuds under $100 as there’s so much on the offer at such a nominal price."

Best Headphones for DJing

#4: Trinity Delta

Trinity Audio Engineering, commonly known as Trinity is a company that is successfully crowd funded on popular Crowd funding site; that is

Trinity Delta - Best Sounding Earbuds under $100

Their KickStarter campaign soon gained traction as the brand was providing Professional earbuds at dirt cheap price.

They launched three earbuds: Hyperion, Techne and Delta (the one we’re talking about)

The reason why we’ve featured Trinity Delta in our list of Best Earbuds under $100 is because just like the RHA T10i, the Delta’s too feature 3 separate tuning filters...

...that allows you to physically change the earphones sound signature.

There are three different tuning filters with different name, they are:

Trinity Delta Tuning Filters - Best Earphones under $100
  • Fun: This filter is specifically meant for bass heads, as it gives a boost to the lower frequencies, allowing you to enjoy bass heavy songs without complaining.
  • Smooth: For people who swear by flat frequencies, allowing them to enjoy the intricate details in a song; will tend to prefer this tuning filter. So this tuning filter will suffice to all kind of music genres you want to list to, without compromising on anything at all.
  • Vivid: How can rock heads be left behind? This tuning filter gives a boost to the trebles and tends to lean more on playing jazz, rock and metals songs with ease.

Though it may be hard to remember the names, you’re definitely saving your money buying these, rather than spending $100 more on the RHA T10i.

Trinity Delta package includes: A triangle Hard Shell Carrying Case, along with 5 extra eartips, Shirt Clip, a 90 degree headphone adapter and couple of tuning filters.

Trinity Delta Package Contents - Best Sounding Earbuds under $100

Talking about the built quality... thought the Delta is featured in our list of Best Earbuds under $100, the built quality feels superior.

The earplugs are housed in metal, just the straight 3.5mm headphone adapter that has a small spring at the end of cable, allowing minimizing the breaking of cable at the stem.

Entire cable length is made of braided plastic, that is of extremely high quality and durability, and just no corners to complain about. Do check the full review by clicking here.

"If you’re bored of listening and trying the same old earbuds and want the best sounding earbuds under $100, then I’d highly recommend going with the Trinity Delta. You just won’t be disappointed."

Best Headphones for DJing

#3: Fiio EX1

Fiio EX1 has been a game changer when it comes to best earbuds under $100 price segment.

This in-ear headphone from Fiio came with a bang and has disrupted the market completely as well.

What makes the Fiio EX1 special?

The first thing that makes it truly impeccable is its amazing and solid built quality that is durable and you won’t have to worry about the earbuds yanking or breaking off.

Fiio EX1 - best sounding earbuds under 100

Moreover it also comes with Nanotech Titanium Diaphragm that produces a very good and close to neutral sound output, which truly offers more than what you paid for.

Unfortunately there is no inline microphone, hence it can be an issue who are looking for one, however to get over this issue; you can get the 1More Triple Driver earbud or other earbuds in the list will be suffice, if not the Fiio EX1.

I’d also like to mention that Fiio EX1 are rebranded earphone from Dunu called Titan 1, and Fiio has kept the originality intact by not removing the Dunu branding from the earbuds.

To keep price low, the company ships these earbuds in a pretty basic box that holds the earbuds themselves along with a long list of accessories as well.

It comes with a rigid rounded-rectangle hardcase, plenty of eartips for all shapes and sizes, and in different material, a shirt clip and an instruction manual.

fiio ex1 - best in ear headphones for bass

For people under budget, the package simply offers the best accessories in its class after series of earbuds from Soundmagic and Brainwavz.

Coming it to it’s sound quality, Fiio recommends the EX1 works best with Fiio’s own High Resolution Music Player like the Fiio X1, and I agree to it too, however it does work pretty good with your smartphone as well, just don’t expect the sound quality to match compared to music player.

“All-in-all the Fiio EX1 is an excellent earbud that offers a great built quality, design and sound quality for its price, and is a favorite earpiece for someone looking to get into professional audio listening.”


#2: Onkyo E700MB/27

Onkyo is an established Japanese brand that caters to the luxury audio segment and is known for manufacturing product like high-quality A/V Receivers, Home Theatre System and plenty of portable audio devices as well.

Hence if you are a little skeptical when you first read this brand name, don’t worry, you’re in safe hands.

Since it’s a luxury audio brand, you can be unquestionably sure of its built quality and design.


Shall I say? It’s one of the best designed in-ear headphones in our list and scores full marks when it comes to built quality and looks.

As expected the earbud housing is made up of aluminum and surprisingly supports high-resolution audio at an affordable price.

They’re semi-closed in ear headphones and has a design somewhat similar to Sony MDR-XB50 earbud.

The small grille at the top helps proper air flow and adds to the performance of lower frequencies and in-turn accentuates bass performance.

The aluminum earbud housing has angled eartip, and the package includes plenty of silicone eartips of varying size and a pair Comply Foam eartip for proper fit.

Though being a luxurious brand, it's surprising that the brand chose to go with a twisted wire cable design, which we’re used to seeing on cheaper earbuds. Nonetheless, it adds up to the design very well.

Onkyo E700MB’s comes with a decent control pod that houses the inline microphone and contains Call Receive/End button as well as Play/Pause button.


Before talking about its sound quality, let me mention that Onkyo E700MB are extremely comfortable to wear and adds to your style quotient.

It comes with 13.5mm drivers that can produce larger level frequencies and add to its high-resolution badge as well.

Onkyo’s sound quality is a perfect hit since the frequencies can go as low as 6Hz and as high as 40kHz that offers crisp sound under $100. Do read its full review here.

“I do feel the Onkyo E700MB are slightly overpriced, maybe just a little but considering its history and brand recognition as well as the product quality, its price is justified.”

Best Headphones for DJing

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To be completely true with you, when you’re out in the market looking for the Best Earbuds under $100 then you’re definitely spoiled for choices.

You have various earbuds coming off all from popular and established brand to the ones you haven’t heard off and have recently stepped foot in the market, like the Trinity Audio Engineering Brand that we’ve just featured.

Sure you can go with earbuds from the industry giants like the Sennheiser’s and Sony’s to JBL and Skullcandy... however you won’t feel a lot of sound difference between them.

The ones that I’ve handpicked in our list of Best Sound Earbuds under $100 are those headphones that have specifically loved not only Professional Headphone Reviewers but also by the users buying them... you really won’t be disappointed at all if you just close your eyes and buy any of the 5 Best Earbuds under $100 featured in this list.

If you like what you read or already have the headphones featured in this list, then I’d be tickled pink if you could take time and leave your valuable comment below.

Thanks for the time you took reading this article.

Have a Great Day Ahead! God Bless You!

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