Top 5 Best Earbuds under $25 (Updated 2018) : Best Buy

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With advancement in modern technology:

You not only get excellent earbuds, but you also get earbuds at a very cheap price.

Earlier the features that we used to get under $200 to $300, we now get them mostly under $25 and $50.

Keeping this in mind​ I have listed Top 5 Best Earbuds under $25 that you can obtain from (one of China's biggest online store) at very cheap price, from as low as $10 to all the way upto $25 at max with great features and excellent design.

Most of the earbuds featured here are made up of either very high quality and durable plastic or with built using aluminum along with CNC process, hence even at low price, you do not to comprise anything.

So without wasting much time, let's get into the list of 5 Best Earbuds under $25.​

Note: All the earbdus mentioned below were tested using this smartphone, and they sounded completely good on it, incase you want great audio experience.​

Top 5 Best Earbuds under 25 dollars (Updated 2018) : Best Buy

#5: Blitzwolf Graphene

If you’re in need of a stylish wired in ear monitor at a very cheap price, then Blitzwolf Graphene should be your ideal pick.

Build using Precise CNC Engineering, the Aluminum body of Blitzwolf Graphene gives it a premium look and feel that is hard to find at such a low price.

Blitzwolf Graphene Earbuds

Available only in black colors, the earbuds comes with three set of silicon eartips in small, medium and large size.

Moreover the package also includes a cable organizer and carrying pouch as well.

This 15 grams earbud is easy to carry around, without the worry of them breaking or falling apart due to regular yanks.

You get a stylish inline microphone too, and just like every microphone has Volume Up, Down buttons along with a multifunctional middle button and mic hole at the back.

Blitzwolf Graphene Earbuds - Best Earbuds under $10

The 3.5mm jack too is covered with 24K gold that eliminate surface oxidation and smooth flow of signals without disturbance.

Even though it’s priced low under $10, there’s no impact on its sound quality. It offers a very good and balanced sound with emphasis on mids and low frequencies.

“Blitzwolf Graphene is a perfect pick for someone who is in dire of a earphone that comes in complete package, which also comes at a very inexpensive price.”

#4: KZ ZS5

Isn't the most common problem with inexpensive or affordable earbuds is internal wire breaking?

Yes it is!​

A earbuds circuitry does not get damaged easily, however a earbud is rendered completely useless when its wires break. I’ve personally put many great earbuds into dustbin due to this one silly reason.

KZ Zs5 Earbuds

Keeping this problem in mind, KZ has introduced detachable earbud wires that can be completely removed or detached as you wish.

This feature is surely seen in earbuds costing upwards of $100, however seeing this in a earbud costing close to $20 is surely a bliss.

Available in two colors: Grey and Blue, the KZ ZS5 features a 10mm driver in each earbuds and a great set of complex mechanism to deliver a HiFi sound that is bound to make this earbuds feel more pricier than it really is.

KZ Z25 Earbuds 2

It also includes an inline microphone that has 3 buttons: Volume Up, Volume Down and multifunctional button at the center.

KZ ZS5 features 4 drivers in each earpiece that includes 2 balanced armatures and 2 dynamic drivers, which takes the total driver count to 8 in both the two earpieces.

The only problem that you might have with KZ ZS5 is its plastic built on the earbuds that kind of feels cheap at first glance.

“KZ ZS5 is surely a low priced earbuds that has been stuffed with features available only in high end earbuds. It’s a deal you shouldn’t miss for sure.”

#3: QCY QY19

QCY QY19 is an excellent wireless earbud that is very well easy on budget and superb on performance.

This earbud is available in 4 colors: Black, Blue, Green and White, and will easily go with your style and personality.

Design wise they are easy to use and can easily fit in your ears without any problem.

QCY Q19 Earbuds

Each earbud is small and has a shark fin that fits in the cavity of your ears offering maximum grip at all time.

This also makes it an ideal earbud for walking, jogging, cycling and other hyper-functional activities.

With QCY QY19; you get an inline microphone as well that as usual has 3 set of buttons: Volume Up, Volume Down, Play/Pause/Track Change button, LED light and USB port for charging the earbuds itself.

Inside the box, you get the earbuds themselves, along with two pairs of earplugs, 2 shark-fins, a charging cable and manual.

QCY QY19 Earbuds 2

Weighing at just 12.7 grams, the earbuds, to my surprise; output a very good sound quality with a rich deep bass and clear mids along with distinct highs.

Since it’s a Bluetooth 4.1 technology earbuds, you get almost skip free music that is a joy to listen to.

“QCY QC19 for the price is a very durable and excellent performing earbud that is unrivaled at the cost it sells at. With a very good design and looks, you sure as hell need to get this one, if you’re looking for the best wireless earbuds under $25.”

#2: Xiaomi Sports In Ear Earphone

For people who are constantly on the move and need earbuds that won’t easily fall off from their ears while boarding train or bus, or even while sprint running and strength exercise, then these sports earbuds from Xiaomi are a perfect fit.

Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Earbuds 1

It comes with Bluetooth 4.1 technology that offers a play time of upto 7 hours on full charge that is enough to use these earbuds for 2-3 days considering you listen to music for couple of hours in a day.

Moreover its also waterproof and sweatproof due to its IPX4 certification that will allow you to use the earbuds even while sweating profusely or when its raining heavily.

Xiaomi Sports earbuds features an inline microphone that features a single multifunctional button, while the volume up and down buttons are located on top of left earbud itself.

Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Earbuds 2

On the manufacturing front, the Xiaomi Sports earbuds are made using CNC process, Borax process, twice anodizing that gives the earbuds a metal appearance and makes it scratch proof.

Another great feature of this earbud is that it can connect two different devices at once making it easy to use them between your laptop and smartphone.

“Xiaomi Sports earbuds not only offer good quality, but they also offer a functional design and features that are unmatched at this price point.”

#1: Xiaomi Hybrid Pro

Xiaomi is a world-renowned brand and getting an electronic product from the brand should be a worriless deal.

Designed completely robust, the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro is complete made using metal, even the inline microphone too.

Yes it is!

Xiaomi Hybrid Pro 1

Hence if you need a 100% durable earbud at cheap price, this is it.

To make the deal sweeter, each earpiece features 2 dynamic drivers and a single balanced armature driver that helps in managing low, mids and high frequencies.

Inclusion of Graphene diaphragm improves the sound quality as well.

Available only in silver color, Xiaomi Hybrid Pro box contains the earbuds itself along with 4 sets of silicone eartips in XS, S, M and L sizes, a carrying box and instruction manual.

xiaomi hybrid pro 2

Attention to detail is given to the entire earbuds with the wires coming in elastic frost cable that make the circumference of wire large that offers durability along with that it also prevents the earbuds from getting tangled.

Sound quality wise, you won’t find any issue with the earbuds as they offer top notch sound with great emphasis on all 3 frequencies.

“For a earbud costing just under $25, the Xiaomi Hybrid Pro is an excellent companion for someone who are a bit careless about their earbuds and kind of keep them anywhere and use it roughly but still want an excellent sound.”


I hope you liked the article and most importantly liked the earbuds that I've featured here.

Most of the earbuds, as I said earlier come with an excellent build quality and very good sound quality, even though they've being sold at very cheap price.

Hence you would regret making a purchase.

And incase for any reason, your earbuds break down (which I'm sure it won't) or they get lost, you won't have to feel bad bad because they're priced so low, and you can buy new one without burning a bigger hole in your pocket.

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Thank You! Have a great day ahead.​

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