15 microwave ovens to cook anything and more

(Last updated: February 2024)

That the Microwaves It is now more or less known that they are much more than simple food warmers or defrosting devices. What you can actually do with a microwave and how these devices can make our life in the kitchen easier is actually a little less known. Nowadays they can be found in almost all Italian households, and yet there are many who do not yet fully realize their potential and only use them partially.

The most modern and advanced microwave ovens now combine a Mix of functions which allow you to try the most different types of cooking: from the most traditional convection to steam cooking, from grilling to frying (and more). Some models have an attractive design and are also equipped with WiFi connectivity (manageable via app or voice assistant), which makes operation even easier. To really satisfy every taste. However, choosing the right product for your needs may not be immediate. That’s why we’ve compiled everything you need to know to make an informed decision and selected that The currently best models.

What to evaluate in a microwave oven?

Apart from the cooking methods (which can be more or less numerous depending on technical advances), there are clearly defined characteristics that distinguish one microwave oven from another, all of which must be taken into account when purchasing.

  • Perfomance: the higher the wattage, the faster the cooking goes of food. In general, it is recommended to choose microwave ovens with a maximum power of at least 800W to ensure optimal performance in a reasonable time.
  • Dimensions: Devices with different internal (capacity) and external dimensions are available on the market. If you live alone or your only need is heating and defrosting food, you can choose this small 25 liter solution. In all other cases it is better to give preference to larger dimensions.
  • Cooking programs: Microwave ovens may come with preset programs for certain types of foods such as meat, fish and vegetables. We choose the device that best suits our needs based on our own too Eating habits.
  • Features: The best equipped ovens have a number of very useful options that make daily management easier. Among these are the safety lock for children, the automatic switch-off system and the turntable lock.

How we chose them

In our selection we have put together the best microwave ovens currently available on the market also very different price ranges taking into account the reliability of the brand, the performance, the cooking options offered and some interesting accessory features. From the simplest models to the top of the range, we have focused on a range of proposals as heterogeneous as possible, also trying to meet the needs of those who want a more specific product. For those who want to surround themselves with other appliances, more or less intelligent, but all capable of transforming the way they work in the kitchen, in our kitchen section we have the best air fryers, planetary mixers, extractor hoods and centrifuges for fruits and vegetables of the moment compiled and many other small and large gadgets.

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