30 kilometers per hour, the Italian cities that have chosen the border

Between some European capitals who have already introduced the measure, such as: Brussels, from January 2021 and Paris, from August of the same year. Since the introduction of the 30 km/h limit, it has been observed that the measure has contributed to drivers paying more attention to compliance with road traffic regulations, but this has decreased the number of deaths according to the Accidents and noise pollution and a reduction in injuries. Other European cities committed to emulating the two capitals in this regard include Helsinki, Valencia, Zurich Lille, Bilbao, Graz, Grenoble and London.

The other Italian cities

Another example is Turinwhich, at the City Council meeting of November 14, 2022, approved with 27 votes in favor the measure that will affect the Piedmontese capital all streets without right of way. In September 2023, three studies were presented by as many companies, Decisio, Cititec and Sertec, aimed at introducing new 30 zones in the West, North and South zones of the Piedmont capital, in addition to those of Ztl, San Salvario and Vanchiglia.

The first urban center to introduce a speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour on all roads Olbiawhich has already adopted the measure from June 1, 2021.The provision has the dual aim of increasing safety for people and consolidating a new concept increasingly environmentally friendly urban mobility. This is a decision consistent with those of major cities at national and European levels. “Another step forward to make our city ever more beautiful, user-friendly and citizen-friendly,” he had explained the mayor Simone Nizzi on this topic.

There Before Italian city to found one Road with a speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour instead it was like this Cesena In 1998. As stated in a post on his Facebook profile from the mayor of Parma Michele Guerra, “By 2024, Parma will become “City 30”. The reasons are varied: more safety, fewer emissions, less noise and a more sustainable and conscious way of getting around“. The mayor explained that the measure will start in the streets of the historic center and in Oltretorrente. “We have made a clear decision – Guerra continues -, to improve the quality of life of Parma and make it a city measured by the quality of life of the people who live there“. In the May 2023 A “Zone 30” has been established and is intended Urban plan for sustainable mobility (Pums) This includes, as we learn from the website of the municipality of Parma, the “Streets within the through the Piazzale S. Croce, v.le Pasini, v.le Piacenza, v.le Bottego, v.le Mentana, piazzale Vittorio Emanuele II, v.le S. Michele, left-wing martyr of freedom, v .le Berenini, v.le Caprera, p.le Barbieri, v.le Vittoria“.

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