A technological it-bag: the foldable smartphone that winks at fashion

It has some characteristics that make it resemble a fashion accessory also designed for the female audience, among other things: it fits easily into an evening clutch. It is a luxury object (it costs 1,200) and was developed in the name of difference: exclusivity is also an aesthetic that is second to none. Here is Find N2 Flip, the new foldable clamshell from Oppo that openly challenges the Samsung Flip 4, a model that folds on the short side (the others fold like a book) that is in this segment of luxury Smartphones have so far practically run on their own.

Luxury and allusions to the world of fashion and beauty are also evident in the packaging: a box that opens when tilted like a fine makeup palette. And then the device itself is as compact as a cosmetic bag.

To be clear, this is not a product aimed at a single target group, but at anyone who wants cutting-edge technology in a small, space-saving format that fits in both a jeans pocket and a jacket. All without the complete lack of modern etiquette of the smartphone on the restaurant table.

Practical like the “flipphones” of the past, for example the legendary Startac from Motorola, but with the performance of a state-of-the-art smartphone or a real camera phone due to the performance of its cameras. In addition, you can view notifications and view information on the front display.

Two colors: Astral Black with a diamond black finish, Moonlight Purple, an elegant gray with pink reflections.

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