Bicycles and e-bikes, the latest innovations in an ever-growing industry

Sometimes you have to let the numbers speak to understand the dimensions of a phenomenon. There is the industrial bicycle sector, which in Italy consists of 250 companies, is worth almost 2 billion euros and built 3.2 million units last year (Ancma data). There are events such as the Fiera del Cicloturismo (Bologna, April 1-2), the Italian Bike Festival at the Misano circuit (September 15-17) and BikeUP, which has a double date this year with a date in Bergamo (September 14). .-16 September) and one in Turin (5-7 May). And the Italian Cycling Federation has 101,941 members at the end of 2021.

Sirius Urtopia Carbon One, winner of the Good Design Award 2022. Made of carbon, this e-bike weighs 15 kg, 30% less than the models in its category. It has voice control, touch unlock, 4G SIM, Bluetooth, WiFi and a 250W motor. It reaches a speed of 32 km/h with pedal assistance, URTOPIA (from €3,299).

That’s why all innovations from the two-wheeler sector are eagerly awaited. Whether fixed-gear or electric, foldable or carbon fiber, bicycles are objects of desire capable of integrating performance Tour of Italy convenient for everyday use. Himself Beyond RC It’s the hyperbike whitebuilt in carbon fiber and assembled with the best components from Reparto Corse, a jewel of aerodynamics that has revolutionized the industry and that makes its debut this yearUci world tourthe brand new one e-Omnia T-Type It is a practical e-bike that aims to be the first choice for those who combine home office commuting with an eco and fitness solution. It rides comfortably on both smooth asphalt and gravel and comes in four beautiful new colors.

The e-Omnia T-Type e-bike, BIANCHI (from €4,649).

Bolide F HR 3D From Pinarello, which already indicates the power of the vehicle in its name, is a masterpiece of cycling technology, designed for Filippo Ganna’s hour record attempt. It is introduced as the first and fastest 3D printed high-performance bicycle ever built.

Bolide F HR 3D, 3D printed, PINARELLO (from €60,000,

Staying in the world of racing but on the road, that’s all V4Rsthe new version of the domestic two-wheeler Colnagowith which Tadej Pogačar won Tour de France 2020 and 2021.

The latest version of the V4Rs features Enve SES 3.4 wheels, COLNAGO (€13,890).

The iconic paintwork of a limited edition of the model also bears the signature of the Cambiago company, which was created in collaboration with the Japanese designer Motoki Yoshio C68designed to honor the tradition and uniqueness of the series C. Together with the third participation in the Tour de France, KTM bikes brings out the new edition of High Revealerwhose chassis went through the toughest test phase in the brand’s history.

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