Giorgio Armani, protagonist of the Vanity Fair icon issue

Vanity Fair dedicates his new one Symbol problem to Giorgio Armani, who turns 90 in July. This special collector’s edition celebrates the great stylist with an intimate interview by director Simone Marchetti and through the voices of talent from the world of art and culture who testify to how modern and meaningful the designer’s values ​​are today. By Lauren Hutton, unforgettable protagonist of American gigolo, to the Etoile of the Paris Opera Hugo Marchand, from Sevdaliza, Iranian artist and activist, to Gigi Datome, former Olimpia Milano basketball player, who talks about the great life lesson she received from Armani.

King George is also celebrated in the editions of Vanity Fair France and Spain, whose cover stars underline the indelible mark Armani has left on contemporary culture.


Were there moments when the expectations were too high?

“But always. Always. This job made me forget about myself as a person right from the start. I was never allowed to make mistakes. And every time the doubt: Can you do it? Will he like it? Don’t you like it?”.

“I have learned to hide fears behind the joy of success. From time to time, at a fashion show, in a relationship, at an event. And I have to tell myself that I was good. Well, I can see that.

He said that style is a thought that becomes behavior. What does that mean?
“That you can achieve whatever you want with a dress.” The dress helps you to personalize yourself and be more honest with yourself.

What makes a person elegant?

“His appearance. If you put into your look what you have in your mind, if you put into what you want to see in others, then you are ready to be elegant.

She said that for her, work was the antidote to unhappiness.

“Yes, it is, and I want it to continue to be that way. But it won’t be like that.

The mistake that taught her most things.

“I didn’t think enough about human relationships at work and said no when I needed to say the exact opposite.”

You have repeatedly spoken out against rampant populism and in favor of democracy. What advice do you think you can give to today’s politicians?

“To study what it was. Do not forget it. I always and only want to vote for people who strive for democracy and freedom and do not forget the past.”

The full interview is available in the January 17 issue of Vanity Fair, on newsstands and on the website:

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