Prince of Persia The Lost Crown, how long is it, demo and early access: what you need to know

It’s approaching Prince of Persia The Lost Crown release date, the new game in the Ubisoft series, available from January 18, 2024 for PC, PlayStation console, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Here are three things you don’t know about the Prince of Persia game.

How long is Prince of Persia The Lost Crown?

From what has emerged from recent reporting on GameInformer USA, Prince of Persia The Lost Crown offers around 25 hours of gameplayHowever, it is not clear whether this playing time refers only to the duration of the story or to the total duration including the search for collectibles and hidden secrets. We’ll know more when we have a chance to try out the full game. In any case, consider this data as completely indicative and of course dependent on your playing style.

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown: Demo and Game Pass

Prince of Persia The Lost Crown will have a demo available for download on PC, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox from next January 11th, a few days before the game’s release. The contents of the trial version have not been revealed by Ubisoft, we will know more as the release date approaches.Then there are those wondering if Prince of Persia The Lost Crown will be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one. in this case the answer is negative. However, its availability has been confirmed since its release in the Ubisoft+ catalog.

Does Prince of Persia The Lost Crown have Early Access?

Yes, there are initially two ways to play the new Prince of Persia: the first is to subscribe to Ubisoft+ and the second is to pre-order the Deluxe Edition of Prince of Persia The Lost Crown. In both cases You enjoy three days of early access to play the full game before the official launch.

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