Solar and agricultural PV parks: Good energy is a group bet

“I belong to a generation that is experiencing climate change and will suffer from its direct consequences. Beyond international agreements, political commitments and treaties, if we all committed to being more environmentally friendly, we would move in the right direction faster. With actions that many of us already take for granted.” At the age of 27, Niccolò Sovico founded the crowdfunding platform Ener2Crowd with three partners – Sergio Pedolazzi, Giorgio Mottironi and Paolo Baldinelli – dedicated to environmental sustainability and renewable energies.

It was 2019: Today it is a portal where anyone can finance energy projects – such as Enel Green Power’s solar parks or Falck Renewables’ Agri-PV parks – even with a low investment rate. “We are not an asset manager, but an intermediary: we offer a fintech tool, the infrastructure for personal investing.” It is based on the idea of ​​making environmental sustainability profitable, which I have always seen as an opportunity and which I want everyone to do perceives them as such.”

Niccolò Sovico, 31 years old, co-founder and CEO of the green investment portal Ener2Crowd.

Niccolò, now 31 years old, is the perfect prototype of a sustainable local: “When I was a child, I tried to understand how to produce energy. I tried it with a sneaker connected to a lighting system. That’s why I became an energy engineer: from there I started at an Italian energy company, where I managed efficiency contracts for large industries. A win-win approach: they saved on their bills, there was less damage to the planet. I decided to make this model shareable: I quit my job and worked on my idea.”

Since its inception, Ener2Crowd has managed to present 74 projects, all selected based on two parameters: financial soundness and the criteria of environmental and social sustainability they demonstrate. “We registered 8,000 people, collected 13.2 million euros and avoided a total of 13,000 tons of CO2.” The lenders were paid an average interest rate of 6.5 percent over 36 months. The average investor reserves 1,200 euros per project: many millennials, but those who provide more resources are those over 45. The future of the platform includes expansion into the rest of Europe and a second soul of activities: “We want to activate an equity.” Section, again for green projects: Here investors become direct shareholders of the company they are financing and participate in their capital.”

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