The demo is coming, but it won’t be available to everyone

S game has officially confirmed that a demo of Phantom Blade Zero will be released in 2024, where you can try out the promising action/role-playing game Unreal Engine 5 registered for PlayStation 5 And PC. Now the authors are publishing new details about the demo version, including some not entirely positive confirmations.

During an interview with the portal ExuterThe producer Soul frame revealed that theThe demo will not be available to everyone, but will be open by invitation only to a small number of players selected via social media. In addition, the demo of Phantom Blade Zero will last 30 minutes, with Soulframe explaining the reasons why S-Game chose limited distribution: it is not a demonstration product to promote the game, but to serve the team Test what has been created so far and understand how to further improve it.

Tests are a fundamental element of the entire development process of our game: they are part of the process, not promotional events. We are not using the demo to increase pre-orders, but to improve the game in a real-world environment” explains Soulframe, adding that this type of attitude “We adopted it from developing mobile games that have alpha, beta and pre-launch testing. I’m not saying we’ll do the same, but I like the idea of ​​players being able to test an initial version of the game that we then continue to refine until the next test where they can see our progress“.

Finally, the producer emphasizes that the demo is planned for 2024 it doesn’t predict anything at all the impending arrival of Phantom Blade Zero, which is still in full development. At the moment we don’t know when Phantom Blade Zero will be released and in all likelihood it will be some time before we see its debut on the market.

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