The integrative laboratory dedicated to one of the pioneers of robotics in Italy will be built in the province of Biella

The world of robotics is advancing rapidly and all too often the potential of this technology to improve people’s lives is overlooked disadvantaged or disabled people. However, there are people who have dedicated their lives to changing this paradigm: one of them was the Professor Basilio Bona. Bona was not only a robotics expert and a highly respected professor at the Polytechnic of Turin – as well as a sponsor of the master’s degree in mechatronics – but also a passionate person advocates for inclusion. His goal was to change that Challenges of disability in opportunity, through the creative use of technology. And now a will is born in his honor inclusive robotics laboratory. The initiative is supported by the social consortium The weaving threadan organization dedicated to promotingsocial and professional inclusion of disadvantaged people or in difficult situations, together with Cascina Oremo– where the laboratory is being built – that is a Educational center in the province of Biella, managed by Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation since 2007

The project

The weaving thread gets involved Fundraising for the founding of the Basilio Bona Laboratory so that donations are used in the most effective and ethical way to achieve the project goals. The goal is to get it to the farm some small robots and specialized equipment to create an environment in which everyone, regardless of their physical or sensory abilities, can explore the world fascinating world of robotics.

This laboratory will not be just one Learning spacebut a platform for experiment, learn and grow together. Inside, participants have the opportunity to immerse themselves in various projects and activities. In the area of sensory roboticsCoding experiences designed specifically for visually impaired people. “Robot stories“Rather, it will be a creative space where participants’ imaginations will be stimulated through science fiction narratives. The project “Problem solving with the robot“ used robotics as a main tool to address real-world challenges and promoted the development of innovative and practical solutions. The topic of sustainability also finds space in the project “Robot gardens”in which the participants learn this Manage gardens ecologically and efficient thanksHelp from robots. Finally, musical activities using robots are also planned.

Donate can be made by bank transfer to the consortium The weaving thread, stating “BB Laboratory” in the reason for payment. “Every contribution, big or small, brings us closer to our goal of creating one A more inclusive world through robotics“, the foundation said.

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