The next generation of smart luxury: technology to wear while exercising

Whether you are more of an athlete, an explorer, a golfer, a sailor or a pilot, when looking for the most suitable smartwatch, Garmin has the technology to find the solution that best suits your needs Needs. And if one were to wear a technologically advanced tool watch but with a sophisticated design and important materials, characteristics typical of traditional mechanical watches that, to be clear, are sold mainly in high-end watchmaking stores, the American brand has it The right solution in this case too. It’s called Marq, a collection launched in 2019 that consists of five models (each representing a sector in which Garmin is present) and represents the final stage of a journey that the brand began in 2015, the year in which She also began to look at the brand and turned to watchmakers as another sales channel. Three years later, the second generation of these luxury tool watches was released. Five new models that, as Stefano Viganò, CEO of Garmin Italia, explains: “designed in the name of excellence, confirming once again the brand’s digital supremacy and its commitment to the production of luxury watches.” The aesthetic characteristics common to all five Common to the products are the 46 mm diameter grade 5 titanium case, the lugs with a new profile that better integrates them into the middle case and the 1.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen display, which is characterized by a curved, extremely resistant sapphire crystal is protected. The pusher at 2 o’clock that each Garmin uses to activate its activities is designed in typical chronograph style (complete with bumper reinforcement). Then, depending on the version, the bezel has a monobloc disc that can be made of ceramic or titanium, the bracelet is available in Italian-made leather with FKM rubber (highest quality), in silicone or with a titanium bracelet. Technological innovations include the Jet Lag Adviser, which completes the range of functions for biometric monitoring and, by comparing sleep history data and other physical parameters, is able to create a sleep program for the user and adapt it specifically to training in different time zones. And the Marq2 also has support for multi-band GNSS (global navigation satellite system), multi-frequency GPS and Garmin SatlQ (which works in the background and guarantees long battery life along with GPS precision). In addition, the battery can reach up to 16 days in smartwatch mode (charging is done with a new magnetic charger). Looking at the special features of the five models, the Marq Adventurer is aesthetically closest to a classic watch and also has the pre-installed multi-continental TopoActive maps; The Marq Athlete combines functions dedicated to training in different disciplines. The Marq Golfer displays all the features dedicated to golf, including the Green Contours, which illustrate the characteristics of loaded greens. The Marq captain deals with water sports; The Marq Aviator is equipped with many features for flying. Whatever the question, Marq 2 seems to have the right answer.

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