Wireless Self Employed: Domestic Workers 4.0 Making Life Easier

Robot vacuum cleaners are now part of everyday life: They are in private households, in hotels, and in shops. They meticulously walk through the environment and move silently. Many are equipped with artificial intelligence to provide highly personalized and advanced cleaning sessions. Chinese brands have specialized and designed and produced many models over time. Even if the market is dominated by Americans Roombaso much so that its name has become synonymous with this type of device Ecovacs to have made interesting progress. Be Deebot X1 Omni It is similar in shape and size to its competitors, but in addition to vacuuming, it is programmed to wash floors particularly carefully and, for example, avoid the use of water when it comes into contact with carpets.

When he is not in use, he rests in his charging station: Here he empties the dust bag and washes and dries his round cloths. Whenever he receives a command and while moving to clean, Deebot X1 Omni performs a new mapping of the environment: the path is recorded in the app to which it is connected. The diagrams can be edited manually to create a complete drawing of the house and maintain an archive of the drawings. If it needs a break to carry out the self-cleaning, the device announces that it is on the way to the charging station (pay attention to the presence of steps, the only insurmountable obstacle): after a minute of the process, it starts again. It knows how to avoid obstacles, such as people, detects whether its base is being moved and finds the new location in just a few moments.

The only aspect that can be improved concerns the integrated voice assistant. Yiko: It’s pretty neat, but replacing it with Google Assistant instead improves the result. The design of the Jacob Jensen Studio is elegant. The suction power is impressive (5,000 Pa). Thanks to an app, you can individually set the desired cleaning level. The question therefore spontaneously arises: Can it really clean thoroughly, even in comparison to conventional vacuum cleaner models? The answer is: undoubtedly yes. We can trust.

Impeccable transparency

Quiet, with a display that shows the remaining minutes of the battery (a full charge gives over an hour and a half of autonomy), three times faster than traditional systems: the window cleaner now has rubber spatulas and is equipped with a drip vacuum cleaner. Aldi has created a very popular model, but the top model is owned by another company. Karcher: The combination of spray bottle and microfiber cloth as well as the suction function guarantee an impressive result. For all smooth surfaces: windows, mirrors, tiles and shower cubicles. Kärcher WV 6 Premium window cleaner, 105 euros.

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