With one click to the moon: the new season of smartphone luxury begins

Top-class smartphone, between luxury, performance and the joy of ownership. At the beginning of the year, the so-called flagships come onto the market, the top models that, extremely ambitious, make Android people dream. In fact, Apple launches the new models in the fall and the other brands launch Samsung from the end of January, which is where the season for top smartphones usually begins.

And so, with apparent punctuality and with the usual series of rumors, Samsung’s new Galaxy S series of high-end smartphones debuted. The new S23 family represents the 13th generation. It inevitably introduces limited innovations but interesting improvements, but not enough to discard an S21 or an S22. However, if you have an S10 in your pocket (but also an iPhone with some feathers), then you can think about it.

Digitally expressed luxury has different purchasing and desirability logics and dynamics. In fact, flagship smartphones (of all brands) are now real top-of-the-line objects: very high performance (especially from a photographic point of view) and high-quality materials. The only shame is the packaging, which is well below the minimum level of attractiveness for Samsung and Apple. You may decide not to use the charger because it wouldn’t be eco-friendly and sustainable enough, but at least headphones, perhaps wired, and a case would be a must.

But back to the new S23 series, which traditionally consists of three models: S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra. The latter, with the integrated S Pen, is a world of its own and inherits the role of the Galaxy Note, which was reborn last year with the S22 Ultra in disguise, while the S21 Ultra did have support for the S Pen, but the stylus was external.

The most important technical innovation is the hardware platform, which finally uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon Soc in Europe and not the Samsung Exynos, which many, including me, never liked. Especially in the edition mounted on the S22.

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