Words, 10 a.m. 2023

There are many Words of 2023 that have bothered us, fascinated us or made us angry over the course of the year. Out ofartificial intelligence ToEco-anxietythrough theRoman Empire and that Meat cultivated in the laboratory. Until the protagonist of the summer: the blue crab.

In 2023 we started talking again middle East, due to tragic events that have triggered new humanitarian crises in the Gaza Strip and raised doubts about how they will be managed. And we started talking about it again Femicidenot only in newspapers or on television, but also in the squares, on the streets and in chat rooms, reinforcing the need to take collective responsibility for the phenomenon in order to solve everything together.

We then talked a lot about it hitat least 1,571 times in 2023, by heat extreme due to the climate crisis and Darling Rentbecause of Prices 40% higher than 2019. So here is the ranking of the 10 words we heard or used the most in 2023.

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