Christmas presents, unexpected ideas to amaze and entertain

Research from Bain&Company shows that food and drinks are the most popular gifts even on these holidays, chosen by 30% of Italians. Then books and travel, leisure and pet products are growing, while electronics is experiencing a setback and is probably still recovering from the euphoria of lockdown and the just-past Black Friday. To surprise, entertain and not make you bargain, here is a selection of original objects in their offer, shape or colors to bring an extra smile to the recipients. From the luxurious oral hygiene set to the enigmatic and fragrant candlestick, from the casserole dish for warming Camembert to the box of poker chips. And then focus on shoes, with the designer shoehorn and limited edition Christmas moccasins, and focus on cooking, among the colorful motifs of a planetary blender and an archival pattern moka pot. An eye for those who ski mountaineering and also for pets, with a valuable thought. But be careful, it’s important to know the tastes and preferences of friends, family and colleagues: Swg research suggests that 30% of gifts miss the mark and disappoint those who receive them. Recycling in this sense would be the answer for 24% of Italians.

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