Experiment with the postponed meeting: The best work meeting is asynchronous

Notion is a cloud-based project management system that empowers individuals and companies to plan tasks, create notes, and manage records and databases.

Miro is an interactive online whiteboard that entire teams can work on at the same time. A nearly infinite space allows you to unleash your creative energy, ask questions, give feedback, suggest solutions and have fun at the same time. It supports Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Images and Gmail and also integrates Microsoft products such as OneDrive, Azure, Teams and Office.

Slack is a business messaging app that connects people with the information they need. It brings them together, allows them to work as a consolidated team, and allows you to set up different conversations and projects called channels. In simple terms, Slack is a replacement for email, although it functions more like a team messaging tool that removes the formalities of composing emails and has various channels that team members can be assigned to. Unlike other competitors that have a tendency to vertically integrate features, Slack can integrate with a variety of third-party services. Finally, Loom is a Chrome extension that lets you screen-record video tutorials and share them for free. For example, it is used to create short videos to match the other people you collaborate with.

Today, these tools integrate parts of the conversation. They are cooperative. Everything becomes “augmented reality”.

Some people ask me: Why is Slack better than WhatsApp for work? On intelligence: He manages to insert videos into Loom and notes into Notion and structure them. These tools help us, they save us time and all the hours we save are available for us to think, inspire, share and find the best solutions for our future and that of others. Working asynchronously means you do it when you are most efficient and effective – even if it’s 3am – without having to call colleagues or call meetings, but rather share ideas and documents that everyone focuses on when they want . Which simply means one thing: gaining the freedom of not having to all be in the same place or place at the same time to work together. Just think of the impact on rush hour and traffic. Think of the infinite number of minds and intelligences that can be involved. This is my thought on how to work better. And how do you do that?

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