Films in the cinema because it’s good for us to watch them without a break

As reported by Guardianthe CEO of VueTim Richards said: “This is what our current market analysis has shown Customers want intervals to return. And so far we have received 74% positive feedback from those who have tried our range.Referring specifically to Scorsese’s latest film, Richards added: “Many customers have said they feel intimidated by the length of “Killers of the Flower Moon.”. A lot of people write to me directly and we have a hundred million people who go to our cinemas, so that’s a lot of feedback. But when they found out we had a break, they came to the theater“.

Long films and concentration training

Beyond the prompt response of Martin Scorsese’s employees who reported the violation of the agreements through VueIt is worth focusing on a passage from Tim Richards’ statement. The one about the audience being intimidated by the unusual length Flower Moon Killer.

The same fear affects those today who have to deal with a novel of several hundred pages (It was more or less the norm for great 19th century literature). But if something is beautiful, shouldn’t the principle apply that the longer it lasts, the better it is? Should. But unfortunately We live in an age of constant stress, and in our multitasking frenzy, we forget how to concentrate long and hard on a single activity. Even if we were to watch a film or read a novel, which should at least guarantee us a certain amount of aesthetic enjoyment.

On the other hand, with all due respect to the warm appeals of directors like Nanni Moretti, Today, people increasingly enjoy films at homewhere there is never enough darkness or enough silence (but let’s be honest, even when we’re watching a movie in the cinema, we too often forget to turn off the smartphone or put off commenting on the scene that just happened on the screen).

Therefore, beyond the physiological needs that cannot be postponed, reintroducing breaks during film screenings in cinemas would not do us much good. On the other hand, a good film, watched from beginning to end without interruptions, would make us concentrate again. And what’s more: it would help us We are counteracting one of the demons of our time: the temptation to do something other than what we are currently doing.

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