From trail running to indoor climbing, training is getting smarter

To orient themselves, ancient sailors looked to the sun and stars, and when the sky was cloudy, they made a virtue of necessity and focused on the direction of the waves caused by the wind. Things then became a little less complicated with the introduction of the compass and other instruments such as the astrolabe, sextant and marine chronometer. One conquest after another until we reach the latest instruments based on advanced technologies that have made navigation much safer and more precise. Tools of which Garmin is one of the main manufacturers. Like the chartplotter (echo sounder), but also its smartwatches, including the all-new Quatix 7, which is equipped with many functions for sports with boating in mind.

In the quatix 7 and quatix 7 Sapphire versions, the case has a diameter of 47 mm and the AMOLED display is 1.3 inches in size, while in the quatix 7 Solar the diameter is 51 mm and the display is 1.4 inches in size. Water resistance is guaranteed up to a depth of 100 meters. Steel bezel for the quatix 7, titanium for the quatix 7 Sapphire and the quatix 7 Solar. Many functions for navigation, entertainment and fitness. From 699 euros.

And in fact, it can be connected to the compatible chartplotters of the same brand. In this way, the quatix 7 transforms from a connected watch into a wrist remote control with many functions. Any examples? Once logged into your app, you can control the actions of the ship’s autopilot and change the set GPS route. In addition, it can zoom into the different maps, select the music played on the boat and detect speed, temperature, tides and depth. It is equipped with the so-called man overboard (MOB) function, which can be used to report a fall into the water and determine the position. For those who race regularly, this model supports Bluechart G3 cartography, which collects Navionics data and includes SailAssist, a tool with its various information to make racing even better. Information to read on the 1.3-inch display in the quatix 7 and quatix 7 Sapphire versions and 1.4-inch in the quatix 7X Solar version. The lens on the standard versions is made of Corning Gorilla Glass, while on the “Sapphire” versions, as the name suggests, it is made of sapphire. The latter versions feature a carbon-coated, blackened titanium case. Traditionally, quatix 7 also has many distinctive features that affect the world of fitness and other sports (running, trail running, athletics, cycling, skiing, golf, swimming, surfing, rowing and indoor climbing), health (sleep monitoring and reading measurement). your heart rate and the progress of your physical activities), smart notifications, entertainment (compatible with the most popular music apps) and payments with the proprietary Garmin Pay technology. Sailing with a quatix 7 will be just part of the fun.

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