Is a non-LEGO open world coming? According to a leaker, Epic is still working on it

Rumors about an open-world survival mode for Fortnite have been circulating in recent months, but so far these have never materialized. LEGO Fortnite However, it has an open world setting Epic games is still working on a similar option for the main game, according to the leaker Jorge Most.

According to JorgeMost, who has always been very active in everything related to the world of Fortnite, the open world mode would be in development Code name Arnold and it would have nothing to do with LEGO Fortnite. It should also be quite extensive and have a lot of content, including boss fights, wildlife, dynamic scenarios and an exclusive lobby. It should be possible here too Drive vehicles of different types, while there could be numerous smaller NPCs and shopkeepers in the scenarios from whom you can purchase new resources.

As proof of its existence, JorgeMost also released screenshots of lines of code associated with the open-world survival mode for Fortnite. However, so far Epic Games has not made any official announcements about the work on this important innovation and it therefore remains to be seen whether it will actually be distributed in the near future.

Do you want an open-world variant of the famous battle royale? Meanwhile, still in the rumor field, it appears that Pirates of the Caribbean’s Jack Sparrow is coming to Fortnite, at least according to the revelations from Spheschal Nick.

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