But what a death for the Xbox! In 2026, two consoles would be released, one of them portable

We continue to talk about the future of Xbox: Barring the death of the Xbox, Microsoft plans to launch two new consoles in 2026. Two hardware consoles, a traditional premium console and a handheld Switch or Steam Deck style console.

Xbox is about to change, or rather, evolve Phil Spencer will tell us all next weekHowever, Microsoft is currently working on two consoles scheduled for 2026, as community manager Magg explained in a new podcast.

Two different products are set to launch at the same time: the first hardware in a few years will be a traditional premium console like the Xbox Series, contrary to rumors that Xbox Next is late compared to the PlayStation 6. The latter is ideally expected for 2028.

Windows Central’s Jez Corden also revealed in the last few hours that, according to his sources, Microsoft has no intention of abandoning the Xbox hardware and therefore Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will not be the last two consoles that the Redmond company produces.

We’ll just have to wait for updates on Xbox’s future, as Microsoft has a meeting scheduled for next week where we’ll find out what’s at stake.

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