Final Fantasy 14 Dawntrail is shown in a new trailer, the Xbox beta is coming soon

It promises to be an incredibly rich year Final Fantasy XIV, judging by the numerous content announced during the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2024, which took place in Tokyo in the last few hours. Let’s take a look at the key news from the new Dawntrail beta trailer for Xbox and walk through the crossover quest with Final Fantasy 16.

Characterized by a high cinematic quality, the new CG trailer for Dawntrail offers a taste of the locations, enemies and story that will characterize the expansion coming next summer. In addition, Square Enix’s Creative Business Unit III offered two additional trailers for presentation the new Pictomancer job (a DPS who specializes in ranged magical attacks and fights with a brush that can deal fire, ice and thunder damage) and the female version of the Hrothgar cat breed.

Dawtrail will feature several new areas to explore and many new enemies to fight, such as the Eliminator, the Barreltender and the Valigarmanda. There will also be new dungeons, a new raid series called The Arcadion and Echoes of Vana’diel. For the occasion Final Fantasy XIV will also receive a small graphical overhaulwhich will include, among other things, improvements to the character models of the various classes and races. As has been known for some time, this will also lead to an increase in the minimum system requirements for the PC version of Final Fantasy XIV.

The players Xbox Series will have the opportunity to try out the new version of Final Fantasy XIV dedicated to them a beta that will take place in February. On the sidelines, Creative Business Unit III also announced that the crossover quest with Final Fantasy 16 entitled The Path Infernal will be available from the beginning of April.

We remind you that Final Fantasy 14: Dawntrail for the Stormblood expansion will be available for PS4, PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox Series.

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