Is Sony thinking of a live service fighting game for PS5? The company seems interested in the genre

Sony’s big plan to launch a significant number of live services on PlayStation 5 (aside from postponing Bungie’s Marathon and canceling The Last of Us Online) could also include a fighting game. This is suggested by some studies carried out by the Japanese company.

As reported by users on reddit, Sony is keeping a close eye on the fighting game trendand makes comparisons with large live service productions. The company is particularly interested in understanding how much money a fighting game title is currently generating and how often it convinces users to make new transactions. Games included in the analysis include the various Final Fantasy XIV Online, Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, Genshin Impact, Grand Theft Auto Online, Overwatch, Warframe and others. Sony also has one planned Parallel between Destiny 2 and fighting games: Both generate 25% of Season Pass revenue.

All these observations urged the players to do so speculate that Sony is planning to release its own fighting game. The company would be very interested in this, even considering that Sony has bought EVO, the largest event dedicated to the competitive fighting game scene. Some have considered the return of PlayStation All Starsbut of course we are talking about simple speculation at the moment.

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