how the metagame will change in 2024

A few days after the announcement of the Pokémon trading card game expansion Time Forces, another important piece of news has arrived for the pocket monster card game: the next one Pokémon TCG Standard format rotation is coming and many cards will no longer be able to be used in competitive play.

As the portal reports PokeGuardianone Press release from The Pokémon Company points out that “the next standard format for live events Play! Pokémon begins April 5, 2024. Standard format rotation will be active in Pokémon Trading Card Game Live (the online and mobile version of the GCC) out of March 21, 2024to give players the opportunity to test the new standard format before going to live events.”.

There final rotation of the Pokémon TCG standard format has been more than a year since it was announced on January 4, 2023. At this point the Cards with the letter “E” in the bottom left corner will no longer be legal in ranked play: This means that only cards with the Regulatory signs From now on “F”, “G” or “H”. Of course, further letters will be issued in the future to regulate the standard format.

It means that some very popular cards in competitive gaming of the Pokémon Trading Card Game will end up outside of Ranked Play once and for all. Among these, many V and VMAX monsters will be hit hard Ban: Below we have, for example Mew V and Mew VMAXGenesect V and Inteleon V and VMAX.

However, expansions that remain legal in Pokémon TCG ranked events will Shining stars, star shine, Pokémon GoLost Origin, Silver Storm and Royal Zenith, along with of course all previously released Pokémon sets Scarlet and Violet (i.e. Scarlet and Violet – Base Set, Paldea Evolutions, Burning Obsidian, Temporal Paradox and Chronoforces). There will be no changes in the expanded formatinstead: The latter will actually continue to accept all cards released from Black and White onwards.

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