Internet, do you want to see that she’s really dead?

In January 2021, one bizarre conspiracy theory gets on the way. Originally born in a dark forumThat’s what this theory claims Internet as we know it – populated by human-created content – died between 2016 and 2017.

The conspiracy theory

It’s not that it was suddenly killed, but user-generated content would gradually be displaced by one Avalanche of fake material. It is no coincidence that this theory also found its way Reddit come on Youtubelook for them “Death of the Internet” around 2016. It was precisely during this time that the general public actually became acquainted with the work of the so-called Troll factories (who tried to influence public opinion also through the massive use of bots), with the potential impact of Fake news and also with me manipulated videos through technology deep fake.

There “Dead Internet Theory” (as it is called in English) however, goes much further and claims that a Army of artificial intelligences The website designed specifically for this purpose is now solely responsible for the content displayed on the Internet. It would all be part of a huge plan Government propagandaAs with chemtrails and 5G, the aim was to cloud the population’s brain and make it more controllable.

The Evidence of this conspiracy It would be the same posts repeated across the internet (think the sea of “Tell me you’re from Milan without telling me you’re from Milan”etc.), politicians who repeat word for word in large numbers on social media what has already been said by their party colleagues or various viral trends encouraging users to post very similar content.

What is much more reasonable is that the reason for all this is not to be found in a government conspiracy, but in the push for homogenization caused by social media. In short, despite the proliferation of bots that distribute automatically created content Death of the Internet theory represents another absurdity born on the Internet. Or maybe it would be better to say that represented An absurdity, because this conspiracy theory has come to light in the last few months more and more like a prophecy.

AI generated content

Although it is not a dark conspiracy from the usual “strong powers” ​​that disturbs the sleep of conspiracy theorists, it is undeniable in recent months Automatic content generated by artificial intelligence – and particularly large ChatGpt-style language models – have begun to spread uncontrollably. Worse still, this content is Cannibalization of the webcreating a vicious cycle that, over time, could effectively destroy the internet and bury human-generated content under a flood artificial material and myself discourage content creation Originals of all kinds.

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