Release, story, cast, Xbox exclusive

AtXbox Developer Direct On January 18, 2024, the curtain was finally raised Indiana Jones and the Ancient Circlethe new work of Machine games who showed himself through various gameplay sequences and many details and proved to be the big protagonist of the event.

The presentation allowed us to discover a lot of information about the project: first of all, it was officially confirmed that the story of Indiana Jones and the Ancient Circle is canon, with the events taking place in 1937 between the three films of the original trilogy and with ours Indiana Jones He grapples with an ancient secret that will be uncovered on a journey that takes him through Egypt, the Himalayas and even the Vatican.

It has also been confirmed that Indiana Jones and the Ancient Circle has been dubbed into Italian Alessandro D’Errico who lends his voice to the protagonist. I’m waiting for that Bethesda Reveal the full list of Italian voice actors that sees the international cast instead Troy Baker as the voice actor of Indiana Jones, Alessandra Mastronardi From Gina Lombardi, Tony Todd From Location And Marios Gavrilis From Emmerich Voss.

Let’s move on to gameplay: Indiana Jones and the Ancient Circle will be played primarily in first-person perspective, although there will be some third-person sequences that will allow us to see Indy’s polygonal model in action in its entirety. Gameplay will be a mix of combat (both with firearms and the legendary whip), exploration and puzzles that promise to faithfully recreate the signature atmosphere of the Indiana Jones film series.

Finally, for now it is confirmed that the new Indiana Jones video game will be released during one generic 2024. The debut is expected on PC And Xbox Seriesso exclusively Microsoft and consequently with the usual disembarkation directly on the first day Xbox Game Pass. However, it remains to be seen when the fans will actually be Xbox can get their hands on the new, promising MachineGames project.

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