Suicide Squad compared on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S: Who is ahead?

Suicide Squad kills the Justice League is now officially available to everyone PC, PlayStation 5 And Xbox Seriesready to tell a new story set in the famous one Arkhamverse From Rocksteady Studios. And when the game debuted, the usual technical comparisons between the versions on the market could not be missing.

ElAnalistaDeBits offers us the first of these, based on all editions and with a focus on Xbox Series S. This latest version offers a dynamic resolution of 1080p, although it tends to settle at 900p, as well as details of highlights, shadows and textures that are less refined than available counterparts. However, the frame rate remains the same solid at 60fpsa feature that every edition provided by Rocksteady offers.

As for PS5 and Xbox Series Sony On average, the platform settles at 1440p Microsoft it generally stays at around 1620p. The PC version is the only one that comes with it Ray tracingHowever, ElAnalistaDeBits emphasizes that the implementation is not fully exploited and therefore does not have any effective added value. In any case, each issue of Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League proves to be well optimized, leaving very little room for particular critical points.

Meanwhile, Suicide Squad’s Early Access on Steam went very poorly, with user numbers well below expectations.

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