Audio and video that are truer than reality, creators beyond the medium

As videos have become the lifeblood of the Internet, the audio used to record them is often overlooked. Result: an almost always metallic, unbalanced, distorted sound. For creatives who want even more intense performances, the binaural microphone offers a solution Free Space Pro II From 3Godan aesthetically bizarre but interesting device.

During the recording phase, sound engineers can spend hours adjusting the microphones in search of sonic realism, while the binaural approach is precise from the start: the microphones are positioned in replicas of human ears, often placed on mannequins, so that the sound is correct It is heard as a real listener perceives it. There are professionals who spend a lot of money on custom-made binaural mannequins.

3Dio, on the other hand, has prepared a device that contains two prosthetic ears spaced apart – as if divided by a head – each containing a DPA 4060 omnidirectional microphone, a standard in the film industry. As the waves move towards the microphones, they are deformed by the silicone ears, just as would happen in the human ear. When you listen to the recordings again, the brain interprets them as if we were there, thanks to 3D sound.

The Pro II It has a solid structure but is light and easy to use. You can connect it to a recorder with a pair of XLR cables or with a stereo mini-jack cable that connects to most portable devices. The effect you get when listening to recordings on headphones is extraordinary, not least because it’s easy to achieve. When recording your voice while sitting at your desk, this microphone captures every little detail, including the tiniest movements of your head (and in fact, those who make ASMR videos really like it). Connected to a camera, it gives 2D images a 3D look, with the sound of footsteps and traffic on stage. Anyone who meets you may wonder why you travel with two prosthetic ears, but we know: the path to artistic perfection has never been easy.

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