Grablue Fantasy Relink when the good morning begins in the morning… Demo with 600,000 downloads

Granblue Fantasy Relink>/b> isn’t on the market yet, but the guys at Cygames already have a milestone to celebrate. Apparently, PlayStation users responded with great enthusiasm to the demo of the game that was made available two weeks ago – in a free format, of course.

The Japanese developers have proudly announced that the The Granblue Fantasy: Relink demo was downloaded 600,000 times on PS4 and PS5 since it officially became available on the PlayStation Store on January 12th. Remember: the demo version includes three modes – Tutorial, Story and Quest – and allows participants to unlock content that can be redeemed in the final version of the game.

If a good morning starts in the morning, then A warm welcome is expected for Granblue Fantasy: Relink, which is also scheduled to be released on February 1, 2024 on PC and PlayStation Home platforms. At the same time as announcing 600,000 downloads for the demo, the development team also made sure that this was the case listened to players’ advice on some critical issues Such as camera controls and key bindings, and promise that they will be fixed in future updates to the game.

Granblue Fantasy: Relink is one of the most anticipated games on PlayStation in February. The story takes place in the floating archipelago of Sky Realm and sees a troop of heavenly warriors on the trail of Estalusia, a legendary island said to lie beyond the sky. However, the combat system takes place in real time and allows you to combine the attacks of the members of a team of four. While you wait, read everything you need to know about the story and world of Granblue Fantasy.

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