How to create a server to play with friends on PC

Are you playing Palworld alone and want to create a server to invite all your friends and build a huge camp full of creatures? Then you know that creating a server only takes a few minutes.

Before getting started, however, it is necessary to establish a premise. At least for now, it is not possible to create servers in all versions of the game, and the only ones that can do this are those who own Palworld steam. So if you have the PocketPair title on Xbox One or Xbox Series

The first step to creating a server is to find the executable in the Steam library. Log in to the Valve client and then click on Library at the top: At this point, click on the button just above the search bar at the top left to add that too Instruments to the items displayed in the list. At this point your games should include both Palworld and Dedicated Palworld server.

Start Palworld Dedicated Server so that a command prompt appears on the screen. Once the window is ready and allows you to enter code strings, enter the following command without quotes: “steamcmd +log in anonymously +validate app_update 2394010 +exit”. If you want to change the server port, you need to use the command ‘Port=X’where instead of the

At this point you need to access the folder where your Steam games are installed: it is a folder called ‘steamapps’in which there is another folder with the name ‘together’. There should now be another folder with the title here PalServer. Then search for the executable file called PalServer.exe to get your server started.

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