The giant who whispers to the waves: on the construction site where Admiral by Armani is born

From the idea to the market launch, from the first hand-made sketch on a piece of paper with the elegant essentiality of a fashion sketch to the technical masterpiece of its creation: the market launch of the 72 meter mark Armani Admiral It will be the nautical event of 2024, because for the first time King George will draw a superyacht in terms of design, both in terms of the external lines as well as the layout and interior design. The Admiral shipyard, which belongs to the galaxy, was chosen for this debut The Italian Sea Group (along with the brands Tecnomar, Perini Navi, Picchiotti and NCA Refit), founded by Giovanni Costantino and the first Italian manufacturer of superyachts over fifty meters (Global Order Book 2023 data).

TISG is no stranger to dialogue between worlds, addressing the nautical market with a different, innovative language and codes. For example, before his encounter with haute couture, he explored the hypercar niche in collaboration with Lamborghini, whose collaboration gave rise to the hypercar niche Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63a limited edition motor yacht inspired by the Siàn FKP 37 (the brand’s first hybrid supercar). The Admiral also came from the Marina di Carrara shipyard Kensho of 75 meters, recently awarded best interior design, motor yacht over 500 GT. And in the same structure, a 45-meter-long sailing catamaran, the largest in the world, will soon be launched, commissioned by the patron and philanthropist Frédéric Jousset (founder and co-president of the outsourcing company Webhelp), to turn it into a gallery of floating art. Art and design, speed and innovation: this project encompasses the whole idea of ​​luxury at sea.

On the other side is Giorgio Armani, no stranger to the world of seafaring: already the owner of two boats (Mariu from 2003 and Primarily from 2008), both built by the Codecasa shipyard, is well represented with the Armani/Casa brand on the most famous boats in the world.

But here we go one step further: the partnership between one of the most productive and modern companies in the international shipbuilding scene and the emblematic name of Italian fashion is destined to open a new chapter in high-end yachting. The lines of 72 meters Armani Admiral They reflect the designer’s desire to interpret, with his personal, distinctive style, the trend that requires voluminous boats with modular spaces, perfect for those who love social life while respecting privacy. There is a constant synergy between inside and outside, because the beauty of a sea trip also lies in immersing yourself and merging with the surroundings. The sculptural forms of the exterior have been softened by the stylist, favoring curved and curved lines that soften the somewhat military severity found in many current models.

The designer’s dedication to Giovanni Costantino, CEO of the nautical group The Italian Sea Group. The superyacht will have a cruising speed of 15 knots and a range of 6,000 miles.

If you compare it with his personal yacht, launched back in 2008 and currently being restored at NCA Refit in Marina di Carrara, the differences are obvious, both from a stylistic and construction point of view, but the common thread is the same: the that Boat should not attract attention, it does not want to surprise, but rather convey a feeling of harmony and formal serenity, because it is designed as a place of seclusion and well-being. As the Primarily (Armani’s mother’s childhood nickname in the Piacenza dialect), which Armani wanted to paint a specific dark green to camouflage her – “The sea is rarely what we call blue.” “It is green or dark blue or turquoise” he said at the time of the launch. The Admiral 72 was also created by integrating everything that is considered important on the water into a living concept. For example, the sliding panels and floor-to-ceiling windows that allow you to enjoy the view in a subdued environment on board the 72-meter-long megayacht are the evolution of the Louvre birch wood blinds found on The Primarily They prevented the sunlight from penetrating violently and at the same time made the boat appear light and almost without walls…

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