Lego Star Wars: the new cheap and compact sets for 2024

Lego Star Wars celebrates 25 years of themed boxes with five new sets aimed at those looking for not too large constructions at more affordable prices. From the unusual reproductions that cost thousands of pieces and several hundred euros, we move on to a series of very interesting proposals ranging from Spaceships like the Millennium Falcon to characters like the little robot R2-D2without forgetting the exclusive minifigures that embellish the new compact collection for 2024.

There are numerous themed boxes among the largest Lego sets ever war of stars, which count over 7,000 pieces, dimensions of almost a meter in length and prices of over 600 euros. If you want to assemble them and display them at home, you will need some space, but there are many buyers who keep them locked up as these kits quickly become collector’s items and gradually increase in value over time. For the quarter century comes the Lego Star Wars range five smaller and cheaper suggestions.

Millennium Falcon

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