Nintendo Switch, new games from Epic Mickey to Xbox titles

Many new games of all genres will follow in the next few weeks and months Nintendo Switchwith very interesting returns such as: Epic Mickey First seen on the Wii, through to the Xbox titles finally ready to jump to the other side of the fence. It was 23 minutes full of trailers and dates that will serve as a preview of a second event that will instead focus on productions signed by Nintendo. What are the most important news you should know?

The presentation began with the Xbox games that will appear on Nintendo Switch, partially confirming the rumors of the last few weeks. The first title is Survival Grounded and will arrive on April 16, while the second is the most anticipated Buses, an original role-playing and adventure game with a graphical style reminiscent of medieval miniatures and will also be the first to hit the market starting today, February 22nd. After an interlude with side games such as: Arranger: A role-puzzle adventure (expected in the summer), which already reveals its genre in the title and the availability of the demo of the tactical role-playing game Unicorn Overlord The time has come since March 8th Monster Hunter Stories from Capcom, which continues the very popular series on Switch (it will also appear on Ps5) and above all Disney Epic Mickey: Reissued This marks the return as a remake of the successful and popular 3D platformer starring Mickey Mouse, originally released for the Wii. It is scheduled to debut in the second half of the year, but there is no exact date yet.

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