Time for a Growth Mindset: The Power of Asking the Right Question

At a time when artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way we work, training becomes crucial. Thanks to the web, the digital world has democratized access to information, but Web 3.0 goes one step further by making content production accessible too. In fact, technology is changing the world at an unprecedented pace: it is normal to feel a certain sense of disorientation. It happens to young people who are forced to find new paths for the future. It happens to adults who can no longer rely on the certainties that were previously considered indisputable. But there is no time to waste. Today, the skills required are increasingly diverse; On the other hand, they are surprisingly available to everyone. For example: Thanks to advanced tools and technologies, we will soon be able to create videos even without being experienced video makers. In this context, it is important to acquire the necessary skills that go beyond specific skills: the real difference lies in the ability to ask the right questions. The transition from “working hard” to “thinking hard” is therefore essential. We’re talking about the acumen that allows you to understand what you really need and then act accordingly. With an advantage already acquired: One of the most interesting aspects of the digital age is the possibility of saving time thanks to automation and virtual assistants designed to improve productivity through personalized suggestions. The hours we gain through repetitive activities are precious because we can invest them in ourselves. Knowledge is power. From Aristotle to ChatGpt, because the future depends on our education: This is the title that I chose for our book together with Claudio Ubaldo Cortoni, hermit monk and librarian. How can we integrate training into our everyday lives? One solution is to define a daily routine that includes time for yourself and personal development. In addition, specific times of the year can be set for training. But beyond calendar management, there’s another important aspect: the ability to pass on what you’ve learned. Imagine a Sunday dinner with your family where you tell each other what you learned during the week. This practice promotes a continuous exchange of information and stimulates the growth mindset. The psychologist Carol Dweck, who first spoke about it, focused on the attitude in the face of defeat: she promoted the awareness that mistakes, which are inevitable, should be viewed as a starting point. Education doesn’t just affect children, it must be a path that affects all ages. This is not just about retraining, i.e. acquiring new skills to cope with career changes, but also about upskilling, i.e. improving one’s own skills in one’s own field. It is important not to wait for them to become obsolete to opt for new ones: it is the 40, 50-year-old professionals who constantly have to go back to school. The alternative is to be off the market in a few months. In his latest report Career Skills of 2023, Coursera compared data from international companies, students and government institutions to identify the skills that will best meet the work needs of the workforce in the coming years: Digital skills are undoubtedly growing faster. The initiative Deep tech talentThe project, led by the European Institute of Technology and Innovation (EIT) and launched by the European Commission in 2022, aims to reach 1 million people over the next three years. At Talent Garden, we offer training projects, already selected by thousands of managers in Europe, that focus on what will be needed tomorrow: not just theoretical knowledge, but also practical and cross-cutting skills. The digital age requires targeted training to make us protagonists of our future. Training in Web 3.0 is the challenge of all challenges. Collecting is the first step.

INSTRUMENTS “Knowledge is power. From Aristotle to ChatGpt, because the future depends on our education”, by Davide Dattoli and Claudio Ubaldo Cortoni, Rizzoli, 18 €.

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