With Samsung, AI is finding its way into electric brooms, for high performance and optimal cleaning results

Who said that technology, design and functionality cannot be combined in a single product, even for the home? Samsung is preparing to revolutionize the household cleaning industry with the introduction of the new generation of electric brooms Samsung Jet™. This series is characterized by suction power and durability, with a particular emphasis on the complete washability of filters, cyclones and tank, guaranteeing optimal performance over time.
Let’s start with the top product: The flagship is the model CUSTOMIZED Jet™ AI (Yes, with integrated artificial intelligence!), which is considered Samsung’s most powerful electric broom thanks to the digital inverter technology and the HexaJet motor and can achieve a performance of up to 10 km Suction power of 280W.

This device stands out not only for its performance, but, as already mentioned, it also stands out for being the first electric broom with artificial intelligence technologies certified by UL Solutions. The mode “AI cleaning“by BESPOKE Jet™ AI is a real game-changer: it is able to detect the type of soil and Automatically adjust suction power and brush rotation speed for optimal cleaning results. In addition, this innovative technology also enables a Reducing battery consumption by up to 14%.

The range: BESPOKE Jet™ AI

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Samsung has not only created a design product that is aesthetically pleasing but also easy to use: the easy to use This is indeed another strength of BESPOKE Jet™ AI. Thanks to its lightness and the ability to rotate sideways through 180°, it can easily reach the most difficult places, such as under sofas and beds or in narrow spaces. There are also the Active Dual LED and Slim LED+ brushes They are equipped with an LED lighting system that highlights hidden dustwhich ensures a more thorough cleaning.

Another aspect worth mentioning is this Clean Station™ integrated into the BESPOKE Jet™ AI electric broom. Not just this train station Automatically empties the dust container, avoids the user’s direct contact with dust, but at the same time charges the broom and serves as an elegant support when not in use. The automatic closing system of the dust container lid after emptying ensures additional hygiene and comfort.

The Jet range is also characterized by its exceptional autonomy: the top model delivers this performance up to 160 minutes cleaning time with the two batteries supplied. Its multi-layer filter system traps up to 99.999% dust and allergens, ensuring clean air returns to the environment. For animal lovers, the Pet Mini+ brush is another big advantage: it efficiently collects pet hair and is equipped with anti-tangle technology to prevent blockages.

In addition to the BESPOKE Jet™ AI, the Samsung™ Jet range also includes seven other models, each designed to meet different cleaning needs: Jet95 Complete Extra, Jet95 Multi Extra, Jet85 Complete, Jet85 Premium, Jet75 Complete, Jet75 Pet and Jet65 Pet.

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