Monitoring devices for a safe vacation: Everything under control

At home I have a safe anchored to the bottom of a closet. It’s opened a few times a year: I would use it more often – and store a lot more things in it – if it were easier to access and less complicated to use. Starting from problems like these, the Trova brand has created Trova Home, a simple safe that can be opened with a biometric system, more elegant than an ordinary metal box, very functional and, from an aesthetic point of view, integrable with the home furnishings. It follows in the footsteps of the Go and Go Plus models, two portable mini safes for discreetly hiding items while traveling. Find your home It’s larger (the size of a shoebox), heavier (2.2 kilos), and can be anchored to any surface using an internal mounting system or a Kensington lock. The convenience of being able to transport it from one room to another changes the way this product is designed and used. For example, anything that needs to be kept out of the reach of children (e.g. remote controls, phones, medications) can be temporarily moved indoors, as can items that need to be kept away from prying eyes. It presents itself as an elegant and straightforward product, equipped with a USB charging port, a power button and an LED light. Access is via the special Trova app, which uses the smartphone’s authentication system (facial recognition, fingerprint or PIN code). It can be opened in two ways: using NFC technology (as is the case with contactless payments) or, in an emergency, by pressing the power button and following a predetermined Morse code.

It is equipped with WiFi connectivity so it can be opened remotely and it is also possible to authorize access to a second user. If it is moved or tampered with, a notification will be sent to your smartphone. Trova Home may not be the most suitable place for storing very valuable jewelry or a will, but it meets the need to quickly secure small items more than any other traditional safe.


Swann’s AllSecure 650 2K Wireless Security Kit, £649.99.

Self-installing sensors for home monitoring are becoming increasingly reliable and easier to set up. Equipment Swann AllSecure 650 It consists of a central processing unit with a 1TB hard drive (equivalent to two years of recordings) and a set of four high-resolution, waterproof, wireless cameras with long-lasting batteries. For the initial settings you must connect the central unit to an external display. However, once the cameras are detected, you can disconnect the display and use the Swann Security app for real-time video, activity reports, and heat and motion detection.


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